August 23rd to September 8th

I have been lazy about updating this blog.  Well, maybe not so lazy as just being busy all the time so it wasn't a priority ...then.  Now I wish I had done it because my memory is not great for even things done yesterday.  I really do need to write things down.

1.  It has been hot.  Too hot for me.  We had 60 days in the 90's then a couple of high 80's and back to the 90's.  We set a record of the # of days in the 90's.  It's one I hope we don't repeat next year.  I have been staying in the house a lot except to pick garden produce and then back into the air conditioning.
2.  My little brother Ned and his wife Kate got to go to Washington for a little vacation.  They never did get a honeymoon and they stayed at my cousin Peggy's who welcomed them right in and treated them so kindly. 
3.  I went to Idaho again with Wayne for an overnight trip.  We went to dinner, went to a movie and just enjoyed the ride.  I love doing this.
4.  I have been thinking how blessed we are to live in this neighborhood.  I love my neighbors and the whole subdivision for that matter.  What good quality people live here.  I know I could go to any house if I needed help and they would do all they could to help me.
5.  I have been canning a lot.  I have a whole basement full of tomato juice, chili sauce, a few pickles, and applesauce.  I plan on doing some more pickles and maybe some more applesauce.  I love having my storage room full.
I taught Colett how to can and will be teaching Amy too.  I remember learning from my mother and am so grateful she taught me.  I bought a pressure canner 40 years ago and still use it every year.
6.  I need a hair cut again.  For some reason my hair grows so fast.  I can hardly keep the roots colored.  Yes, I do color my roots and so do you.
7.  We went to the Bourne Legacy movie.  I had not seen the first ones but I liked it a lot.  Now I need to go back and see what I missed.
8.  Margaret got to go to Mom and Dad's for a week long visit.  I am a little envious.  Dad had been using a cane but his leg started to feel better and he is walking again.  He did come down with pneumonia though and he sounded so sick on the phone.  After going to the doctor ( a huge rarity for him) he is now better and did his temple duties this month.
9.  Amy and Wes took another vacation to Bozeman, Montana.  They wanted to look into buying some land near Yellowstone park to build a cabin,  The area they were looking had no covenants so you could build anything and do anything you wanted on those lots..  Apparently there were some pretty sleazy characters there, so they decided not to buy.  They did have fun at museums, Big Sky and the town though.
10.  Wayne and Emerson picked all my apples.  I figured if I compare the prices at the store to my haul, I had about $100 worth of apples.  They are Gala and have the best flavor ever.  The gala apples in the store can't even compare.
11.  Margaret came home from Wyoming with a new furry baby.  It is a dog of an uncertain mix.  The owners claimed it is part Shitzu and part chiwawa but it doesn't look like either.  She is a little girl about a year old and shy and loved to be loved.  Margaret really didn't want another dog after she lost Daisy but here she goes again  This one is named Poppy.  She must like flowers.
12. We went to dinner at Shoots Chinese restaurant with the Utley's.  We have eaten at quite a few of them but this is the best Chinese food so far except for the chicken lettuce wraps at PF Chang's.
13. Emerson turned 5 this week and I have a hard time believing he is that old.  What a sweet boy he is.  We went to Boondock's to give him his gift and play a little for his birthday.  Every arcade I went to sucked up my tokens and didn't let me play.  I told the helper dude and I think he thought I just wanted extra games.  I gave up and played wheel of fortune long enough to lose all my tokens.
14.  Nick's football team is not doing real well.  I have not gone because my choir night is always on his football night but Wayne says he is playing well.  Better than most of the team.  They have lost 60 to 0 and 49 to 0.  Poor guys!!
15.  Isabelle went to Bear Lake with a friend for a few days.  She has not been away that long before.  Colett was a little concerned but let her go.
16.  Millie says she wouldn't mind missing school to stay over at my house.  Tee hee.  She doesn't love school like Isabelle does.
17.  Alex got his GED and did it with flying colors.  You need a 200 score to pass and he got 400 to 600 on all his tests.  He will now take some classes to get his CNA license and then go on a mission when he turns 19.
18.  Joey got on the cross country track team in Hamilton (Grantsville), MT and found some friends.  He is also active at young men's so things are better for him this month.
19.  Lissie met some girls at young women's and had a good first week at school.  She will start the drama club soon and has updated her blog.
20.  Toby just fits right in where ever he goes.  He still has a hard time saying his r's so I offered to give him $20 if he can say them consistently by the time we get there.
21.  Era, just sits around looking adorable.  She is 3 months old now and is going to be a chatterbox.  She goos all the time and smiles at Grandpa always.
22.  I went to the temple three times this last few weeks to help Ruth help a friend with her work.
23.  I was reading the D and C and found a scripture talking about the true and LIVING church and it just hit me that it is living in so many ways.  I had not ever thought about that before.  The missionaries baptise those who are looking for truths and so the church continues to grow, the gift of the Holy Ghost continues to inspire and teach us, and the prophet is in constant prayer to the Father to learn of his desires for us. 
24.  A beautiful lady that we visited for a couple of years is now losing her fight with stage 4 cancer and I am so sad.  She is an inspiration to me of courage, faith and love.
25.  Some kind of mole or vole has been chewing on the roots of the decorative sweet potato plants in the back yard and 2 just died so quickly.  What do we do?
26.  I signed up on Goodreads to see if I cold win a book and I have gotten 3 this week.  Yoo Hoo.  I LOVE BOOKS and especially free ones.
27.  Our yard looks so good.  Usually by September there are brown spots and dying plants but not this year.
28.  My cousin David from Colorado came to visit.  I love having cousins come to see me.   I did feel so badly about their 15 year old son Brady though.  He has medical problems with his eyes (they thought he might be going blind) he has swelling in his legs and is growing very quickly... maybe too quickly.  They are going to see an endocrinologist.  He is autistic and had been going to a regular school but the bullying has gotten so bad that they will have to home school him this year.  Why do kids do that???  It breaks my heart for him and his parents.
29. Matt and Colett like their "new to them" Honda Pilot.  They use 1/4 as much gas as the Suburban did and at the prices at the pump these days, it makes a huge difference.
30.  We are going on another trip soon and will stop at Shon's on the way home.  Shon and Wayne will go fishing and Kee has antique stores and crafts places for us to visit.  I am excited.  I have been missing those people a lot lately.  I wish Alex was going to be there too, but at 18 he is now a free spirit and living in Billings, MT.  How did I get old enough to have a grandson that age?  Child bride....its true.

August 15th through August 22nd 2012

1.  It has been over 60 days with the temperatures over 90 and I am done with it.  I am still having trouble with my internal thermometer and I can't stand anything over 77 degrees.  Will this ever end?
2.  Colett and I have gone to Amy's twice to help her paint and baby sit Era.  Her basement is 90 percent done.  Wayne did the electrical wiring and hung some lights.
The carpet is in.  Amy had a hard time painting over the robot she had painted on the wall in E's room.  He has a new room downstairs and Era now has a new one where E once slept.  There is now a family room and a place for E to play.
3.  Nick made the football team at his high school.  He is worried about it and is working out and practicing a lot.
4.  Isabelle's aunt gave her a few lighter locks in her hair.  It looks so cute .
5.  Alex moved to Billings after working at the scout camp all summer.  He is 18 and is flying the coop so to speak.  I hope he works hard and gets ready for his mission.
6.  Joey seems to be having a hard time adjusting to moving to a new town his sophomore year.  I don't blame him. 
7.  I have been picking the garden but the produce is not as good as other years.  The beans area all bean and no flesh.  The tomatoes are plentiful but the flavor is not as good as other years.  The apples are full of worms because I let the robin family roost there and Wayne didn't get to spray.  I just cut around the worms and they are really delicious.
8.  I had made a photo album for Isabelle a couple of years ago.  She must have liked it because it is worn out on the front.  It is an odd size so I took it back and reinforced the front, and now after a year, I finally got my printer to work so I can finish it for her.
9.  I have been reading every day.  Some books are just fun, some thought provoking, and some are really good.  I also keep my church magazine in the bathroom and read it every time I use it.
10.  Era was blessed on the 19th and she was so good and so sweet and so beautiful as Matt and the others blessed her.  She fell asleep in their arms and when they brought her back to Amy she just curled up in Amy's arms and slept the rest of the meeting.  Matt gave a beautiful blessing.
11.  Wes went fishing for 4 days to the Wind River area.  He said there were lot of fish. 
12.  Shon and Kee celebrated their 19th anniversary.  Boy time has gone quickly.  He got Kee a Kindle for their anniversary and she was so thrilled.  She will fill it up quickly.  She reads more than anyone else that I know.
13.  I had a cavity filled and a prep for a new crown on my back tooth.  The temporary crown fell off twice.  I had to go back and get it put on again.  UGH!
14.  Wayne and I went to Idaho Falls and spent the night.  We went to the movie and had dinner.  I had not seen the other Bourne movies but Bourne Legacy was good.
15.  The sweet potato plants in my rock wall have gone crazy and are falling to the grass and are beautiful and huge.  I will use them every year from now on.
16.  Colett and Mart got their (new to them) Honda Pilot.  It is a very nice car and only had 54,000 miles on it and was in really good shape.  I hope it treats them well for a long time.
17.  My hair grows so fast.  I think it has grown 3 inches since my last appointment.  That makes it hard to keep up with the roots and I need to get it cut again already.
18.  I need to go get blood tests again.  My pituitary tumor is a big pain.  Not literally since I don't have any pain at all, but because of all the bad things it does to my body.....weight gain, unwanted hair, not enough sleep, stupor of thoughts, intolerance to heat and cold etc.  I hope that is the least of my problems though.  I will take that over other things that people have to endure.
19.  I am missing my family members that I don't get to see often....Shon and family, Mom and Dad, and my sibs.  I am so thankful for Facebook, email etc. so I get to see photos and catch up on their goings on.
20.  Wayne's job is going well for which I am very, very grateful during these economic times.  We have insurance, and all the necessities of life and some of the luxuries too.  I look around every single day and thank God for all my blessings and I know where they come from.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

1.  I had to go to the dentist today.  Let's just say it was a trial.  I was fitted for a new crown on one tooth and had a filling from my childhood removed and had a new filling put it.  They were next to each other and are my upper back teeth.   I have a small mouth and my jaw can't open very far.  The dentist started out with a rubber damn but removed it halfway through because my jaw was about to pop.  Then they inserted some other kind of damn but before they were done (2 1/2 hours) I was about to cry.  Let me say here that my dentist is very kind, very good and not aggressive in making you get work done, but on the last appointment he finally said it was time after two years to get things done before they got any worse.  I also choke easily, not gag, but choke so several times I felt I was drowning.  He would stop and let me rest and was so kind.  I go back in two weeks for the final crown and hope that I don't have to return for a long time except for cleanings.
2.  Wayne came home from work and made prime rib quesadillas, Mexican corn and his three berry dip.  I love it when he cooks. 
3.  Kee called and they are moving in to their new rented house in Hamilton, MT.  Their home in Billings sold.  It's a done deal.  We are so happy that that worry is behind them.
4.  I finished the book "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks".  I loved it.  It's a true account of a black woman's cells being used for medical research.  I started reading "Cold Mountain".
5.  We have had a lot of spiders trying to creep in the house.  I heard on the news that spiders don't like the high 90 degree temps we have been having for weeks and they try to find cooler dark spots in the house.  Wayne got out his trusty sprayer and sprayed around the foundation and the bushes that are getting covered with webs.  He also knocked down several HUGE hornet's nests so now maybe we can sit on the deck without being stung or bitten this Fall.

Monday, August 13th, 2012

1.  Well, I didn't have withdrawal from the Olympics after all.  In truth, I was glad to be away from the TV today and to just read.  I am reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks".  It's a true story of a black woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her cells were taken without permission used for research. Because they were so different, they would not die like most cells.  The world is a different place because of the research that was done on her cells.
2.  Wayne and I both neglected to get our prescriptions filled in a proper time so we both went to Walgreen's to get them.  Since we have met our HUGE deductible, all of our prescriptions are now $10 each.
3.  We found ourselves at U-Swirl again.  It's the best frozen yogurt.
4.  I had a big work day today with laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning carpets.
I still am a lazy person with a likeness for clean so I work through my lazy and get it done.  I'd rather dance, sing to the radio, read,  do crosswords or visit.
5.  It has been in the 90's for two weeks now and only cooling down to the low 70's.  The humidity has been high but no rain so I just stay inside and keep the air conditioning at 76.  One day I will go out and ride my bike when I can stand the temps.

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

1.  Michelle Beeston played "If You Could Hie to Kolob" as a piano solo today.  It was so beautiful and is my favorite hymn.
2.  Tanner Beeston had his mission farewell today.  His family is wonderful and will be a big support for him.  He is smart and charming and will do well.
3.  I really enjoyed Sunday School today.  We were reading in Alma and talked about the wars and how bloody and awful they were but how we can learn from them.  The first time I read the Book of Mormon all I could think about was the destruction, the wars and awful things that happened.  The second time was better and now when I read it I see the love the Lord has for us and how God is present in all of our lives even when we don't know or acknowledge it and even when bad things happen.
4.  Amy and the kids came for dinner.  Wayne had gotten rib steaks to grill.  I really didn't want him to get them because I am a cheapskate and can't justify 3 steaks for $26.00.  Yes, we eat steak out once in a while, but when I get steak out, I don't do any work.  It is cooked for me, I get salad, a potato, veggie, a soft drink, no clean up and ambiance for my money.  I have to say it was delicious though and we may do it again in 6 months.
5.  We watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  I did really did not like them much.  Wayne did.  I don't like the voices of Annie Lennox, George Michael, and most of the other musical acts, most that I had not even heard of.  The costumes were weird and the concepts even weirder and I was bored.  I know nothing can compare to the Chinese Olympics but I guess I expected a little more.  I did like John Lennon, and Eric Idolwho sang "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".  That's my new mantra. OK, that's not new.  That has always been my the steaks were great, the athletes were inspiring, the music was catchy and the English put on a great show for 17 days.

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

1.  Wayne didn't golf today so worked in the yard.  He mowed the yard and since it was trimmed last week it looks really nice.  The flowers are in their full bloom (finally) and the hibiscus are as big as plates.
2.  We had a late lunch at El Polo Loco.  It was good but the chicken pieces are getting as small as KFC's now.  Where do you even find chickens that little.  The drum stick looked like it belonged to a pigeon.
3.  We watched the Olympics a lot again.  So maybe now, I am ready for it to wain down
and get on with my regular life.  It has been a long time.
4.  I canned 3 pints of tomato juice.  It was all made with the mini cherry tomatoes so it was a lot of work for three pints, but oh so good.  It takes longer to pick off the stems and wash the tomatoes 3 times, then wash all the canning equipment than to just juice the tomatoes.
5.  We got some more large tomatoes, a few blackberries and cukes from the garden.  One day we will have enough berries for Wayne to make Jam.
6.  Cousin David Marchant called from Colorado and he and family will be in town in Sept.  Looking forward to seeing them.

Friday, August 9th, 2012

1.  I was playing games on my computer and got really upset with myself for wasting time today even though I was watching the Olympics at the same time.  Made myself a note not to get involved in stupid games.
2.  I picked the green beans in the garden.  I got a lot, but only 25% were edible.  I don't know if we got the wrong bean seeds or if the watering system is not getting wet enough, but they are all seeds and skin and no flesh.  They also have strings and we bought stringless.  I was so disappointed.   Tomatoes and beans are my favorite thing this time of year.
3.  We were driving down the street and ran into Jim and Jaymie and they told us to hop in and go to dinner with them.  Good Wood was the destination.  I had the French dip but didn't eat the bread.  It was just right but I wanted green salad instead of the cole slaw and they charged me $2.60 extra.  I think you should be able to pick what you want from their sides without a penalty.
4.  Watched the Olympics again.  The girls doing the rhythmic gymnastics are pretty amazing.  They make it looks so easy and I have a renewed respect for the synchronized swimmers.  They are really athletic and strong (crazy routines and costumes aside) they are pretty amazing.
5.  We got some rain tonight.....of course it came with a major amount of wind, but maybe there will be enough moisture to help out out the pinion fire.  As of this morning it was only 30% contained.  I am tired of dirty skies and the smoke smell we have had all summer.

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

1.  I picked up Colett and we went to Amy's house for a service project.  I tended Era all day while Colett and Wayne primed and painted the newly remodeled basement.  I had the better deal for sure.  Colett likes to paint and I do not.
2.  We had pizza at Pizzeria Limone and it was delicious.  It's  wood fired  pizza and mine had pears, prosciutto and red sauce and I will definitely get that again.  It's not greasy, and the crust was not too thick or to cracker like.  The salad was delicious and made topped with pears and blackberries and lemon vinaigrette.
3.  Wayne had a doctor's appt. that went well.  He got on a new medication for pain.
4. We watched the Olympics again until 10:30.  I have enjoyed them so much but will be glad when I can get myself on task again.
5.  Read a little but this book is taking so long.  I keep falling asleep after 10 minutes.  I need more rest.

Wednesday August 8th, 2012

1. Our 43rd anniversary and I'm still crazy in love with my hubby.
2.  Dinner at the Chef's Table and dessert at U-Swirl.  Both were delicious.
3.  101 degrees today and smoke from the Camp Williams fire is so strong.  I am so grateful for a house with tight windows and air conditioning.
4.  Had a good hair day.  it only took me 5 minutes to fix. 
5.  Visited at Matt and Colett's.  Ollie dog still loves me and we got to see the cutest thing that Isabelle and Millie did.  Colett and Matt celebrated their fake anniversary yesterday and while they were out of the house, the girls put up photos all over the door tops and put up paper streamers.  They also made their parents cupcakes.  They are such thoughtful daughters.  Matt and Colett originally got married in May but redid their vows in Vegas in August a couple of years ago so that's the one they celebrate.  The May one is the day next to her birthday and her big bazaar each year so now they celebrate in August.

July 27th through Aug. 7th

Life has been so hectic and I have wanted to stop and catch up but some things just had to give. But for my journal, I will just highlight some things that have gone on for the last couple of weeks.

1.  I missed being in Cowley for Pioneer Day.  I went to my home town web sight and saw all the people that were there that I didn't get to see.
2.  The humming birds have come in full force.  I can hardly keep up with the nectar.  There are several that fight all the time.  Naughty little birds... but I love to watch them.  One flew right in front of my kitchen window and just watched me as I did dishes.
3.  We went on vacation through the Tetons, Yellowstone Park, Red Lodge Montana, Cowley Wyoming, the Big Horn Mountain, Sheridan, WY, Bozeman, MT and then on home all within 8 days.  We spent a lot of time on the road.  For the first half, Isabelle rode with us and entertained Emerson who also rode with us.  On the ride home he was alone with us but was as good as gold.  We saw a huge bald eagle by the road on Yellowstone Lake, we saw hundreds of Buffalo, we saw an osprey with a fish in it's claws, we saw deer, antelope, a prairie dog town, moose, herons, and many other assorted birds.
4.  We ate dinner and saw the show of the Bar J Wranglers.  It was very fun and very good.
5.  We got into all the National Parks free because Wayne has a senior pass.  That saved a lot of money.  There area few perks about being old-er.
6.  We stayed in some very old and moderate rooms that were over a hundred dollars a night.  They stick it to tourists when they can. 
7.  I still love looking at the geysers in Yellowstone Park and people watching especially those from other countries who appreciate our country.
8.  I was glad my friend Lori could house and dog sit so I didn't have to worry about things at home.
9.  I was so glad to see my parents, my brothers and sisters-in-law and to have my sister in-law make us dinner, and home-made rolls for breakfast the next day.
10.  I was amazed at the mountain flowers this year.  One road, high in the mountain, had amazing flowers on both sides of the road.  There were many varieties and colors.  My grand daughters collected their fair share.
11.  I found a pine tree that had just relieved itself of all it's pine cones.  They were big and beautiful so my daughters and I picked them up and found a little spot in my trunk to bring them home for a future craft day.
12.  I didn't fish or gold pan this trip but the family did.  I got to bond with my little Era and to read.  It was a lovely, quiet time.
13.  A real (albeit crazy cowboy) was on the mountain spouting scriptures to the guys.  I wasn't there luckily.  Wayne tried to strike up a conversation but all he would do was quote scriptures.  Wayne told him he felt sorry for his dog.  I was afraid he would come back with a gun and shoot us all up.  He just went from camp to camp spouting scriptures and asking everyone to repent.
14.  Wayne's sister had a steak dinner ready for us when we got to her home and we got to see Wayne's brother and niece.  We found a decent hotel in Sheridan for $68.
The next morning Wayne and I made breakfast for everyone with the leftover eggs, bacon and juice from the mountain.  Cara added fresh biscuits.
15.  I went to an antique store and found a little salt cellar that I have been trying to find.  I also got another yummy smelling bar of soap and a really cool moose Christmas ornament.  I get a new ornament for every trip we make.
16.  We had gourmet dinner group this week with our friends.  This time it was an Argentinian theme.  We had steak, rosemary lemon potatoes, empanadas, squash, fresh green beans, caramel flan and salad.  We seem to really do it up right every month.
17.  The garden is producing tomatoes, along with green beans, onions, corn, squash, cucumbers and basil.   I also ate a couple of apples off the tree.  Oh, how I love this time of year when we can eat fresh from the garden. 
18.  It has been too many days in the high 90's so I am so appreciative of air conditioning.  Amy has been living with us while they finish their basement and I think she is always cold but to me it is heaven.
19.  Colett and Matt got to go on to the Black Hills and see Mount Rushmore and do all the other things around it.  They saw caverns, the Cosmos House, Reptile Gardens, Storyland Park etc. and they had such a good time.  They also got to stop and see Devil's Tower.
20.  We were able to stay a night at Wayne's cousin's home. His wife took the kids 4 wheeling and they were so kind.  My dear friend from Wyoming also opened her home for Amy and Colett's families to stay even though she was out of town.
21.  Fozzie was so glad to have us back from vacation.  He actually cried and had lost his voice but unfortunately, he got it back. :>)
22.  The cars worked well and none of us got sick.
23.  Wes had men come in while we were gone and got all the mud and taping done to the drywall in their basement.  Amy and the kids moved back home this morning (the 7th).  I am sure they can't wait to sleep in their own beds again.  I have enjoyed having them here and will miss seeing 4 big eyes every morning and the big squeezes I get every morning.
24.  I have loved watching the Olympics and have seen most of them.  I am addicted.
I would love to go to England some day and see where my ancestors all came from.
25.  I have loaded up the Kindle with new books and am ready to dive into them this week.

July 19th through 26th, 2012

1.  Era is so alert and just stares and stares.  It's almost spooky how she looks right into your soul.
2.  We had Amy's baby shower and the weather was wonderful, the decorations and food great and she was so thrilled with her gifts and attendance of friends.
3.  The garden is almost out of control.  We have gotten so many cukes and squash and the corn is now higher than an elephant's eye.  I had an onion about 8" in diameter.
4.  I talked to Mom and Dad and they told my my 60 year old sister-in-law had a ling collapse and she will have to be on oxygen for the rest of her life.  I am so upset about this.  She already has so many health problems that she can hardly tolerate.  All I can do is pray for her.
5.  Wes is slowly getting his basement done.  The sheet rock is almost done and now he will find someone to tape and texture so they can move back home.  Era has never spent a day in her own home.
6.  Wayne flew to Montana and is still working on some big business ventures.  Boy the wheels turn slowly sometimes.
7.  I ate at home more than we ate out this week. 
8.  Isabelle mailed me a photo of herself as a toddler.  It was so cute and just wanted to run and eat her up.  I bonded pretty tight with her when her Mommy had cancer and I had to take care of her after she was born.  Colett couldn't lift anything.  She will be riding in our car when we go on our trip.  What a great 11 year old.

July 12th through the 18th

1.  Baby Era is 5 weeks old and smiled a coupe of times and no, it was not gas.
2.  Niece jasmine came and stayed with us for 3 days and then attended the "Be the Best" week.  She went to church with me and met my neighbor kids, Brenden and Lyndsy.
3.  Made chocolate chip cookies for the first time in 6 months.  Boy were they good.
4.  Emerson is his usual little self, cleaning, helping Grandpa in the yard and dusting for me.
5.  Had a craft day at Colett's and made items for Amy's baby shower.  It will be a kind of homespun, Anthropology, Bohemian look.  We planned the menu and decor.
6.  The computer did not deliver the cute email invitations so we had to cancel it and reschedule for a Wednesday.  Oh, I hope people will get this one.
7.  Went visiting teaching.
8.  It is Wayne's sister Cara's Birthday on the 13th. Wayne called her and did some planning for our upcoming trip.  We may get to use her camper on the mountains.
9.  My buddy from Lovell called and offered to let us stay in her house even though she won't be there.  Every time I talk to her it feels like just yesterday.  We are friends for life and after.
10.  Dinner withe the fam again.  I love our tradition of eating together on most Sundays.
11.  Kee called from Montana and things look promising still for their house sale.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

1.  Today is my grandson Joey's birthday.  It's the big 16.  Will he date or will he not?  Love you Joey.
2.  It's Era's one month birthday and Wayne's brother Ron's birthday.  Wayne called Ron and he is going to organize campers for our family vacation this month.  We missed the family get together last week.  They had a great time without us.
3.  Susan called and our good friend Annie is doing OK but has stage 4 cancer so how OK can you really be?  We love and pray for her.  It's so hard thinking of all she has been through and will yet go through.
4.  Out to dinner at Milagros with the Utley's.  It was not bad, but with so many other really good Mexican restaurants, I doubt that we will go back.  The food was good but not outstanding and it was pretty expensive....$14 for a chimichanga.
5.  We got a little rain today but not enough to do too much for us.  The air did smell wonderful though.  The last rain we had just smelled like wet smoke so it was quite refreshing.  It was 100 degrees though so I didn't go out and the humidity was high.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

1.  Amy came and picked me up and we went to Colett's house to work on Amy's baby shower.
2.  Isabelle watched Emerson while we went to Zurcher's to get balloons, straws, etc. for the shower.  That is a fun store.  It's party heaven with themed items from a circus or pirate birthday party to a Luau, or Mexican fiesta.  We spent a lot of time just looking around.
3.  We went to Kneaders for lunch.  I had the half turkey sandwich and broccoli salad and it was very good.  I think I like everything I have had there except for their chocolate desserts.  The temperature was 101 when we were driving around and Colett didn't have air conditioning.  I thought I would die.  Oh, Pioneers how I respect you.
4.  Era was very good and only fussed when she was hungry or needed to burp.  She has lost her new born look and is so VERY cute.  She looks so happy sometimes and it won't be long until she smiles.  Mille and her little friends and Isabelle couldnt' get enough of her.  I was that way with babies when I was little too.  I still am.
5.  Matt grilled us some burgers for dinner and Colett made rain drop streamers while Amy and  I made clouds to go on the straws.

Monday, July 9th, 2012

1.  Mondays are my cleaning day and it doesn't usually bother me at all, but today everything seems like a chore and I feel very tired and lazy.  I didn't give in though and ended up doing the laundry, cleaning the house, mopping and cleaning toilets.  I am still lazy, but just pushed through it.
2.  I started a new book today.  It is a psychological thriller called THR3E.  I don't know why it's spelled that way yet.  Maybe it's a clue.
3.  It's hot, hot, hot again.  I think we are close to record breaking temps all this week.  I need to weed in the yard but with my sore back and the high temps, I just can't go out there.  The heat doesn't seem to bother Wayne as much so he went out and did it for me.  What a guy!!
4.  We had leftover chicken and steak so we just had taco salads for dinner.  I hope I have a lot of tomatoes this year because my homemade salsa is gone as is my homemade meat sauce.  I need to stock up.
5.  The garden is liking the heat.  The corn is forming ears, and baby beans are on and the zucchini is very prolific.  The blackberries are forming and the onions and peppers have already given us of their abundance.  I sure do love fresh.

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

1.  I took E to church again and he was too good to be true.  I had at least 4 people tell me how fun he was in primary and how sweet and good he is.
2.  It is a hot day and I am not liking it in the 90's but it is summer so I better get used to it.  I have the air conditioning set at 77 and it barely works for me.
3.  We had the girls and families for dinner.  This week Wayne grilled chicken and flank steak and we had all the fixings for tacos and fajitas.  Amy made corn and bean salsa and Colett made a chocolate and a banana cream pie.  We all sat in the yard while the kids played baseball and Frisbee and tried to cool down.  We also planned a vacation together to Wyoming later in the month.  Amy, Wes and Era will be in one car,  Wayne, Emerson, Isabelle and I will ride in another car and Colett and family will start out a couple of days later.  We will all meet in Cowley to visit and then head to the Big Horn Mountains to camp.  Colett and family will then head on to Mount Rushmore for a couple of extra days.  It will be weird not going to Billings to see Shon and his family.  We will miss them a lot.
4.  Nick is at Lake Powell for a week with a friend's family.  We missed him and a little tiny part of me worries about him.  Big water scares me even though he is a great swimmer.  Phone service doesn't work there so I just pray for him.
5.  I haven't heard from Shon or Kee forover a week now and I am thinking they don't have Internet or phone service on the Island.  I hope Kee calls soon and that they are all happy and cozy together again.

June 9th through July 7th

It has been a hectic month and I failed to keep up with my blog during this time.  I did write down some things that happened this month so I will just log them all on one  posting so I will have it on record.

1.  We had a new grand daughter born on June 11th.  Era Colett weighed in at 7 lb. 3 oz. and was 21 inches long.  She has dark brown hair and of course is darling.  Over the last few weeks she has been a very sweet baby.  She has a small voice and seems to only fuss when she is hungry or has an upset tummy.  She is pretty good on her feeding schedule and although Amy gets tired, things are going well.  Emerson wasn't sure how he felt at first.  He said he wasn't ready to kiss her yet, but might at Christmas.  Since that statment he has held her, kissed her and hugs her all the time.  He is gong to be a really good big brother.

2.  Shon and family were reunited in Hamilton, MT.  They packed up and left without selling their house but after an inspection and a few fixes, they have a potential buyer.  My fingers are crossed.  All the family is staying and working at Maleda Island for summer scout camp.  Kee and Lissie will work the store, Shon is in charge and the boys will have jobs there this year too.  It is a little sad that we don't have them in Billings any longer.  That was our home for 21 years.

3.  Wayne has been golfing with Jim Utley's crew and shot a 76 a couple of weeks ago.  He still feels good about his game and when he gets to golf he still really likes it and luckily, the guys he golfs with are really nice guys and lots of fun.

4.  Several of my friends have brought gifts for Era.  Lori made a quilt for her in the colors of Amy's ideas for her room.  It was so soft and wonderful and Amy was touched by the time and effort that she put into making it.  Jaymie, and Susan W. brought her amazingly cute dresses and Margaret gave her diapers. 

5.  I have worked in the yard a lot, as has Wayne, and it's looking really nice.  The flowers are starting to spread, the decorative grasses are getting big, the garden is as high as an elephant's eye and we have attracted different pretty birds to the yard.  We have a yellow warbler comes most days, we have black and golden hummingbirds, and have had 2 sets of robin families who build nests and raised their babies in the yard. 

6.  Amy and Wes got a new air conditioner but it wasn't ready to use because they are remodeling their basement so they have stayed with us, usually 2 or 3 days a week.  I have been able to bond with the baby and help E get through his slight jealous tendencies.  We have had lots of pillow fights, cop and robber games, Frisbee throwing,
and story times.  Emerson has also helped Wayne mow the lawn a few times.  There will be a lot of sheetrock dust later so I am sure we will get them back next week too.  We have to keep those tiny baby lungs healthy.

7.  Colett and Isabelle went to Valor camp.  It is so amazing to see Isabelle as she grows.  I swear I see a difference in her every week.  She is tall for her age and filling out and so beautiful.  I see lots of boys in her future.  Nick is having many camps and getaways as any teenager does at 15.  He has liked a special girl but at his age we are hoping that goes gently away.  Millie plays all day with her friends and when she comes here we get lots of hugs and kisses.

8.  Matt and Colett got a new sofa.  It has classic lines on the back with button tufting but the front looks very modern.  It's a grown up sofa and  Colett is thrilled.  It's a very quality sofa.  No more garage sale or IKEA sofas in the family room now.

9.  Kee had her family come and visit when she got to Hamilton.  She doesn't get to see her Mom that often and her sister and nieces were there too.  I am happy for her.

10.  I went shopping and found some summer clothes that I needed at the outlet stores in Park City. I rarely find things at good prices so shirts for $15 was a thrill.  I seem to always find things at the Van Heusen store.  I had never even thought of going there before until Wayne went in and I realized they had women's clothes too. 

11.  My Dad's birthday was on the same day as Father's Day this year.  I sent two gifts, one sunglasses and one a gift card.  I didn't get to talk to him on Father's Day.  I never could get through so I called him the next day.  He is using a cane and not taking walks  like he usually does..  Oh, I hate to see  my folks getting old and having health problems.  I need to go home and visit again soon.

12.  We have had MANY big winds, high temps and fires all around us this summer so far.  One wind almost blew down our Aspen tree.  Wayne had pulled it back into place but another micro-burst blew it down.  Wayne and Emerson spent lots of time cutting it up.  I can't believe how that little boy can work.  He is excited when he has chores outside.  He raked, carried heavy limbs and put things in the garbage.  He also sawed many branches off.  Is he really only 4?

13.  We watched the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point this year.  They were wonderful and lasted a full half hour.  It's the first time in a long time that we didn't go to the Yarro's summer home.  Fireworks were banned in many places this year because of fire danger.  Colett and Matt spent the day with friends as did Amy and Wes.  It felt odd being alone this year.  We ended up going to dinner and tinkering around until the fireworks.  We had a scone at the park, then watched the neighbors( byThankgiving Point) as they shot their fireworks off.  That was quite a shown on it's own.

14.  Wes had gotten a toy rocket for Emerson and we went to the park one day to watch it go off.  Emerson was a little spooked buy it so he wouldn't help Wes light it.  It had a little parachute that comes down but since it was windy (again) they lost it in someone's yard and never found it. 

15.  We have gone to dinner several times.  We went to Carrabba's for the first time in a few months and I got my scallops.  It was one of the best meals I have ever had.  I wish I knew how to cook them like they do.  I am sure it is just the wood fired oven that gives them the flavor. 

16.  I hurt my lower back a few weeks ago and thought I had it under control but I tweaked it again last week and it's been hard to do anything...even get off the bed.  I have used pain patches and Ibuprofin to get me around. 

17.  I watered Susan Welton's flowers while she was on a trip.  Her yard is beautiful and they have really made it a wonderful place to hang out.  She has a raised bed garden like we do plus flowers everywhere and raspberry bushes.  In the evening, her yard is in the shade.  I envy that.  She ended up having her son Chris' wedding reception there and it was so lovely.

18.  I took Margaret to dinner for her birthday.  We always eat at the Whistle Wok when we go out together.  We ended up seeing Susan Keller and Jessica there.  It is cheap Chinese food and pretty good.  They have an ice cream parlor in with the restaurant, but you do not want to get ice cream there.  The cones absorb the Chinese flavors from the air and it's not good.

19.  I led the music for Robyne for two weeks at Sacrament meeting.  She went to Hawaii but it was hard with my back.  I am slow getting up and down.  Becky Criddle even mentioned it in Relief Society.  I thought I was hiding it pretty well.  I guess not.

20. Emerson has been going to church with me and to primary.  Amy doesn't want to take the baby to church yet because of all the germs.  He has found friends and doesn't mind going now.  All the teachers and leaders have told me how delightful and fun he is.  He really is an amazingly good little boy.

21.  I need to see the doctor again.  I think my pituitary tumor is playing havoc again.  I am hot all the time.  It's not night sweats or menopause type heat flashes,  but an intolerance to heat.  When it hits 77 degrees, my body know it and I feel like I am melting and almost pass out.  I am gaining weight again for no apparent reason and that really bothers me.  I will get some blood tests and see if I need to adjust my medicine again.

22.  I have been reading a lot and getting some magazines and novels read.  I will continue until all the books on my shelf (that I haven't gotten to yet) are read and then I will get more.  I am finding that I like all genres but have a leaning to historical novels, mysteries and  period books. 

23  .I got an outdoor rug for the deck.  It just seems homier and more like an outdoor room now. We sit out there so often that it makes it feel cozier.

24.  I have been riding my bike a little but I do feel a little off balance sometimes and it's a little scary.  I need to get a helmet.

Friday, June 8th, 2012

1.  Wilford and Cynthia came to spend the next couple of days with us.  They have a wedding to go to and  I'm glad we can play host.
2.  We went to La Costa for dinner.  We were hesitant because we loved it so much and then they changed their fajitas and we didn't like them any longer.  We both ordered something else instead.  I had the chimichanga and chile relleno which were excellent and everyone said their dinner was wonderful too.  Whew!  We will go back again.
3.  I did spend some time deep cleaning the basement.  When you have company you try to make everything the best that can be.  I should have company every week to keep it up to par.....come to think of it.....I usually do.  LOL

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

1.  Amy had her appointment and there was no change so they will schedule her on Tuesday to start her,  It looks like the baby will be born on June 12th.
2.  It is usually bad weather on Thursdays,  So very many times either the wind or rain or worse is terrible on Thursdays.  Whenever I would go to chorus on Thursday I would have slick roads or worse.  This Thursday was pretty nice.  What a change.
3.  I went to a Norwex party at Laura Locey's home.  I have really fallen in love with their products and even though they are expensive, I think in the long run they are worth it.  I am getting 3 more face cloths. 

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

1.   I did the laundry and cleaning that I missed on Monday.  We are having company this weekend so I will have to go to the basement and do some extra down there.
2.  The wind is gone and when I got up this morning, the pain in my back was gone....just like that.  I am so happy about both of those things.
3.  I read my book "Homeless Bird".  I had read it before but since it's my book for book club, I needed to read it again.  I liked it the second time too.
4.  We went to Dickie's for BBQ brisket, coleslaw and potato casserole.  It was very tender and good.  It has been months since we were there.  I'm not sure why.
5.  No news about the baby from Amy.  She has an appointment tomorrow and I will go in with Wayne to watch E while she goes to it.  He will probably set a date to start her since they don't like going over any more.  I went over 2 weeks with Amy and she had breathing problems when she was born.  I am getting excited to meet my new little grand daughter soon.