August 23rd to September 8th

I have been lazy about updating this blog.  Well, maybe not so lazy as just being busy all the time so it wasn't a priority ...then.  Now I wish I had done it because my memory is not great for even things done yesterday.  I really do need to write things down.

1.  It has been hot.  Too hot for me.  We had 60 days in the 90's then a couple of high 80's and back to the 90's.  We set a record of the # of days in the 90's.  It's one I hope we don't repeat next year.  I have been staying in the house a lot except to pick garden produce and then back into the air conditioning.
2.  My little brother Ned and his wife Kate got to go to Washington for a little vacation.  They never did get a honeymoon and they stayed at my cousin Peggy's who welcomed them right in and treated them so kindly. 
3.  I went to Idaho again with Wayne for an overnight trip.  We went to dinner, went to a movie and just enjoyed the ride.  I love doing this.
4.  I have been thinking how blessed we are to live in this neighborhood.  I love my neighbors and the whole subdivision for that matter.  What good quality people live here.  I know I could go to any house if I needed help and they would do all they could to help me.
5.  I have been canning a lot.  I have a whole basement full of tomato juice, chili sauce, a few pickles, and applesauce.  I plan on doing some more pickles and maybe some more applesauce.  I love having my storage room full.
I taught Colett how to can and will be teaching Amy too.  I remember learning from my mother and am so grateful she taught me.  I bought a pressure canner 40 years ago and still use it every year.
6.  I need a hair cut again.  For some reason my hair grows so fast.  I can hardly keep the roots colored.  Yes, I do color my roots and so do you.
7.  We went to the Bourne Legacy movie.  I had not seen the first ones but I liked it a lot.  Now I need to go back and see what I missed.
8.  Margaret got to go to Mom and Dad's for a week long visit.  I am a little envious.  Dad had been using a cane but his leg started to feel better and he is walking again.  He did come down with pneumonia though and he sounded so sick on the phone.  After going to the doctor ( a huge rarity for him) he is now better and did his temple duties this month.
9.  Amy and Wes took another vacation to Bozeman, Montana.  They wanted to look into buying some land near Yellowstone park to build a cabin,  The area they were looking had no covenants so you could build anything and do anything you wanted on those lots..  Apparently there were some pretty sleazy characters there, so they decided not to buy.  They did have fun at museums, Big Sky and the town though.
10.  Wayne and Emerson picked all my apples.  I figured if I compare the prices at the store to my haul, I had about $100 worth of apples.  They are Gala and have the best flavor ever.  The gala apples in the store can't even compare.
11.  Margaret came home from Wyoming with a new furry baby.  It is a dog of an uncertain mix.  The owners claimed it is part Shitzu and part chiwawa but it doesn't look like either.  She is a little girl about a year old and shy and loved to be loved.  Margaret really didn't want another dog after she lost Daisy but here she goes again  This one is named Poppy.  She must like flowers.
12. We went to dinner at Shoots Chinese restaurant with the Utley's.  We have eaten at quite a few of them but this is the best Chinese food so far except for the chicken lettuce wraps at PF Chang's.
13. Emerson turned 5 this week and I have a hard time believing he is that old.  What a sweet boy he is.  We went to Boondock's to give him his gift and play a little for his birthday.  Every arcade I went to sucked up my tokens and didn't let me play.  I told the helper dude and I think he thought I just wanted extra games.  I gave up and played wheel of fortune long enough to lose all my tokens.
14.  Nick's football team is not doing real well.  I have not gone because my choir night is always on his football night but Wayne says he is playing well.  Better than most of the team.  They have lost 60 to 0 and 49 to 0.  Poor guys!!
15.  Isabelle went to Bear Lake with a friend for a few days.  She has not been away that long before.  Colett was a little concerned but let her go.
16.  Millie says she wouldn't mind missing school to stay over at my house.  Tee hee.  She doesn't love school like Isabelle does.
17.  Alex got his GED and did it with flying colors.  You need a 200 score to pass and he got 400 to 600 on all his tests.  He will now take some classes to get his CNA license and then go on a mission when he turns 19.
18.  Joey got on the cross country track team in Hamilton (Grantsville), MT and found some friends.  He is also active at young men's so things are better for him this month.
19.  Lissie met some girls at young women's and had a good first week at school.  She will start the drama club soon and has updated her blog.
20.  Toby just fits right in where ever he goes.  He still has a hard time saying his r's so I offered to give him $20 if he can say them consistently by the time we get there.
21.  Era, just sits around looking adorable.  She is 3 months old now and is going to be a chatterbox.  She goos all the time and smiles at Grandpa always.
22.  I went to the temple three times this last few weeks to help Ruth help a friend with her work.
23.  I was reading the D and C and found a scripture talking about the true and LIVING church and it just hit me that it is living in so many ways.  I had not ever thought about that before.  The missionaries baptise those who are looking for truths and so the church continues to grow, the gift of the Holy Ghost continues to inspire and teach us, and the prophet is in constant prayer to the Father to learn of his desires for us. 
24.  A beautiful lady that we visited for a couple of years is now losing her fight with stage 4 cancer and I am so sad.  She is an inspiration to me of courage, faith and love.
25.  Some kind of mole or vole has been chewing on the roots of the decorative sweet potato plants in the back yard and 2 just died so quickly.  What do we do?
26.  I signed up on Goodreads to see if I cold win a book and I have gotten 3 this week.  Yoo Hoo.  I LOVE BOOKS and especially free ones.
27.  Our yard looks so good.  Usually by September there are brown spots and dying plants but not this year.
28.  My cousin David from Colorado came to visit.  I love having cousins come to see me.   I did feel so badly about their 15 year old son Brady though.  He has medical problems with his eyes (they thought he might be going blind) he has swelling in his legs and is growing very quickly... maybe too quickly.  They are going to see an endocrinologist.  He is autistic and had been going to a regular school but the bullying has gotten so bad that they will have to home school him this year.  Why do kids do that???  It breaks my heart for him and his parents.
29. Matt and Colett like their "new to them" Honda Pilot.  They use 1/4 as much gas as the Suburban did and at the prices at the pump these days, it makes a huge difference.
30.  We are going on another trip soon and will stop at Shon's on the way home.  Shon and Wayne will go fishing and Kee has antique stores and crafts places for us to visit.  I am excited.  I have been missing those people a lot lately.  I wish Alex was going to be there too, but at 18 he is now a free spirit and living in Billings, MT.  How did I get old enough to have a grandson that age?  Child bride....its true.

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