June 9th through July 7th

It has been a hectic month and I failed to keep up with my blog during this time.  I did write down some things that happened this month so I will just log them all on one  posting so I will have it on record.

1.  We had a new grand daughter born on June 11th.  Era Colett weighed in at 7 lb. 3 oz. and was 21 inches long.  She has dark brown hair and of course is darling.  Over the last few weeks she has been a very sweet baby.  She has a small voice and seems to only fuss when she is hungry or has an upset tummy.  She is pretty good on her feeding schedule and although Amy gets tired, things are going well.  Emerson wasn't sure how he felt at first.  He said he wasn't ready to kiss her yet, but might at Christmas.  Since that statment he has held her, kissed her and hugs her all the time.  He is gong to be a really good big brother.

2.  Shon and family were reunited in Hamilton, MT.  They packed up and left without selling their house but after an inspection and a few fixes, they have a potential buyer.  My fingers are crossed.  All the family is staying and working at Maleda Island for summer scout camp.  Kee and Lissie will work the store, Shon is in charge and the boys will have jobs there this year too.  It is a little sad that we don't have them in Billings any longer.  That was our home for 21 years.

3.  Wayne has been golfing with Jim Utley's crew and shot a 76 a couple of weeks ago.  He still feels good about his game and when he gets to golf he still really likes it and luckily, the guys he golfs with are really nice guys and lots of fun.

4.  Several of my friends have brought gifts for Era.  Lori made a quilt for her in the colors of Amy's ideas for her room.  It was so soft and wonderful and Amy was touched by the time and effort that she put into making it.  Jaymie, and Susan W. brought her amazingly cute dresses and Margaret gave her diapers. 

5.  I have worked in the yard a lot, as has Wayne, and it's looking really nice.  The flowers are starting to spread, the decorative grasses are getting big, the garden is as high as an elephant's eye and we have attracted different pretty birds to the yard.  We have a yellow warbler comes most days, we have black and golden hummingbirds, and have had 2 sets of robin families who build nests and raised their babies in the yard. 

6.  Amy and Wes got a new air conditioner but it wasn't ready to use because they are remodeling their basement so they have stayed with us, usually 2 or 3 days a week.  I have been able to bond with the baby and help E get through his slight jealous tendencies.  We have had lots of pillow fights, cop and robber games, Frisbee throwing,
and story times.  Emerson has also helped Wayne mow the lawn a few times.  There will be a lot of sheetrock dust later so I am sure we will get them back next week too.  We have to keep those tiny baby lungs healthy.

7.  Colett and Isabelle went to Valor camp.  It is so amazing to see Isabelle as she grows.  I swear I see a difference in her every week.  She is tall for her age and filling out and so beautiful.  I see lots of boys in her future.  Nick is having many camps and getaways as any teenager does at 15.  He has liked a special girl but at his age we are hoping that goes gently away.  Millie plays all day with her friends and when she comes here we get lots of hugs and kisses.

8.  Matt and Colett got a new sofa.  It has classic lines on the back with button tufting but the front looks very modern.  It's a grown up sofa and  Colett is thrilled.  It's a very quality sofa.  No more garage sale or IKEA sofas in the family room now.

9.  Kee had her family come and visit when she got to Hamilton.  She doesn't get to see her Mom that often and her sister and nieces were there too.  I am happy for her.

10.  I went shopping and found some summer clothes that I needed at the outlet stores in Park City. I rarely find things at good prices so shirts for $15 was a thrill.  I seem to always find things at the Van Heusen store.  I had never even thought of going there before until Wayne went in and I realized they had women's clothes too. 

11.  My Dad's birthday was on the same day as Father's Day this year.  I sent two gifts, one sunglasses and one a gift card.  I didn't get to talk to him on Father's Day.  I never could get through so I called him the next day.  He is using a cane and not taking walks  like he usually does..  Oh, I hate to see  my folks getting old and having health problems.  I need to go home and visit again soon.

12.  We have had MANY big winds, high temps and fires all around us this summer so far.  One wind almost blew down our Aspen tree.  Wayne had pulled it back into place but another micro-burst blew it down.  Wayne and Emerson spent lots of time cutting it up.  I can't believe how that little boy can work.  He is excited when he has chores outside.  He raked, carried heavy limbs and put things in the garbage.  He also sawed many branches off.  Is he really only 4?

13.  We watched the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point this year.  They were wonderful and lasted a full half hour.  It's the first time in a long time that we didn't go to the Yarro's summer home.  Fireworks were banned in many places this year because of fire danger.  Colett and Matt spent the day with friends as did Amy and Wes.  It felt odd being alone this year.  We ended up going to dinner and tinkering around until the fireworks.  We had a scone at the park, then watched the neighbors( byThankgiving Point) as they shot their fireworks off.  That was quite a shown on it's own.

14.  Wes had gotten a toy rocket for Emerson and we went to the park one day to watch it go off.  Emerson was a little spooked buy it so he wouldn't help Wes light it.  It had a little parachute that comes down but since it was windy (again) they lost it in someone's yard and never found it. 

15.  We have gone to dinner several times.  We went to Carrabba's for the first time in a few months and I got my scallops.  It was one of the best meals I have ever had.  I wish I knew how to cook them like they do.  I am sure it is just the wood fired oven that gives them the flavor. 

16.  I hurt my lower back a few weeks ago and thought I had it under control but I tweaked it again last week and it's been hard to do anything...even get off the bed.  I have used pain patches and Ibuprofin to get me around. 

17.  I watered Susan Welton's flowers while she was on a trip.  Her yard is beautiful and they have really made it a wonderful place to hang out.  She has a raised bed garden like we do plus flowers everywhere and raspberry bushes.  In the evening, her yard is in the shade.  I envy that.  She ended up having her son Chris' wedding reception there and it was so lovely.

18.  I took Margaret to dinner for her birthday.  We always eat at the Whistle Wok when we go out together.  We ended up seeing Susan Keller and Jessica there.  It is cheap Chinese food and pretty good.  They have an ice cream parlor in with the restaurant, but you do not want to get ice cream there.  The cones absorb the Chinese flavors from the air and it's not good.

19.  I led the music for Robyne for two weeks at Sacrament meeting.  She went to Hawaii but it was hard with my back.  I am slow getting up and down.  Becky Criddle even mentioned it in Relief Society.  I thought I was hiding it pretty well.  I guess not.

20. Emerson has been going to church with me and to primary.  Amy doesn't want to take the baby to church yet because of all the germs.  He has found friends and doesn't mind going now.  All the teachers and leaders have told me how delightful and fun he is.  He really is an amazingly good little boy.

21.  I need to see the doctor again.  I think my pituitary tumor is playing havoc again.  I am hot all the time.  It's not night sweats or menopause type heat flashes,  but an intolerance to heat.  When it hits 77 degrees, my body know it and I feel like I am melting and almost pass out.  I am gaining weight again for no apparent reason and that really bothers me.  I will get some blood tests and see if I need to adjust my medicine again.

22.  I have been reading a lot and getting some magazines and novels read.  I will continue until all the books on my shelf (that I haven't gotten to yet) are read and then I will get more.  I am finding that I like all genres but have a leaning to historical novels, mysteries and  period books. 

23  .I got an outdoor rug for the deck.  It just seems homier and more like an outdoor room now. We sit out there so often that it makes it feel cozier.

24.  I have been riding my bike a little but I do feel a little off balance sometimes and it's a little scary.  I need to get a helmet.

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Finally! I have been checking daily to see of you had posted anything. Good to catch up with you.