Thursday, May 10th, 2012

1.  I practiced my songs early in the day so my voice wouldn't be tired before chorus practice.  I love these great show tunes.
2.  Chorus practice was good again and we even got some smiles from Cory but my bad foot was hurting a lot and I had a hard time standing for 3 hours.  It was swollen and even my 4 Ibuprofin didn't help much. 
3.  Wayne got home from his trip to Washington.  We tried to catch up a little before we fell asleep.  I love it when he is home safe and sound.  I say it every time but it's so true.
4.  Amy came to pick up Emerson, but before they went home, we went to the Beehive Bazaar.  Colett's booth was the best.  Her things are quality and so cute and different from all the rest.  I got to see her whale wall plaques for the first time.  They are really cute and I think she sold out.  She has been doing really well this spring at all her shows.
I  bought a bar of home made soap.
5.Amy, E and I went next door and had a chocolate malt for lunch.  It was sublime, and got me by until my eggs and toast for dinner.  It was an  unorthodox food day for me.

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