Sunday, May 27th, 2012

1.  Sunday's talks were all about service.  This is an area where I feel I am lacking.  I have so many good examples in front of me all the time but I just don't always seem to see what needs to be done.  I am willing but need to work harder at seeing what nees to be done.
2.  It is a lovely day.  There is still some wind but it feels like Spring.  Wayne and I went for a Sunday drive.  We haven't done that for a long time.  We founds roads right around us that we haven't been on and found some amazing sub-divisions with McMansions that are incredible.  I wouldn't want to live among them.  I am very happy with my nice, comfortable home and neighborhood.
3.  The yard is looking good after our work yesterday.  The birds are at the feeders, the flowers are growing, the grass is green and hasn't been sunburned yet, the skies are clearing up, and the baby robins are flying around.
4.  Rice pudding, turkey and dressing, salad and homemade bread....mmmmmm
5.  Fozzie is excited to see us even if we have only been gone 10 minutes.  Dogs are so loyal.  Margaret's pretty white dog Daisy passed away and I have been thinking of her and feeling so sorry for her.  Fozzie loves her so much.  She will have to come and visit more often to get some slobbery kisses and unconditional love.

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