Friday, May 4th, 2012

1.  It's Colett's 41st birthday today.  I can always remember because she is 20 years younger than me.  She did not get a cake or lunch but Matt was taking her to dinner and then to the "Avengers" movie.  I am sure the girls will do something for her too.  I love that girl.
2.  I went to Idaho with Wayne again for a business day trip.  Once again I took my books and magazines to read while he was at his meetings.  The weather is so nice that it is a joy to go.  We brought Fozzie this time since we would be gone too many hours in the day to leave him.
3.  We stopped at Costco to check their tomatoes and look for Aspen trees.  We got some tomato plants and munched on the samples.
4.  We had lunch at a cafe in Idaho and it was very good.  I just had a salad and potato.  The dinner salad had great dressing and the real baked potato was very good too. 
5.  We were going to stop at the cheese factory but didn't get there.  We drove the back roads through Roy on the way home and saw some very impressive homes.  One was a mansion that was almost the biggest and fanciest that I have ever seen.  The only one bigger is in Draper that has a full size gym in it.  It looks like a castle.

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