Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

1.  It still cool and rainy but it will warm up this week end.  I don't mind the rain and can see the lawn and flowers drinking it up.  April showers bring May flowers but they are doing a pretty good of bringing in April flowers too.
2.  I haven't had a hair cut for 6 months and it had gotten so long.  When I would sit in a chair my hair would get caught behind my back and it would get caught in my bra straps.  I like my hair long but got 3" chopped off and it felt so freeing.  The dead ends are gone and my stylist said my hair is very healthy and shiny.  Her prices went up to $20.  She had been asking $15 which was such a good price but so is $20.  I always tip her well because she does exactly what I ask her to do.  When I say 3 " she barely does 3".  She has never cut it the ways she just wants to and she is so nice.  She also does several other girls in my neighborhood.
3.  I went to book club tonight.  We had a good turnout and most had read the book..."The House of the Seven Gables".  It was a hard book in some ways.  It was very wordy, and in some places...rather boring, but I did like it and was glad that we read it.  It's one more classic off my list.  Yolanda had spinach salad and carrot cake for us.  I love visiting with the ladies.
4.  I am pretty tired again.  WHY CAN"T I GET A WHOLE NIGHT'S SLEEP?  I think I will call a sleep disorder center and get tested. 
5.  Amy called to see if I would come in tomorrow morning to baby sit E while she goes to the doctor for her check up.  Baby girl is moving a lot and giving her lots of heart burn and pain.  Just 7 more weeks to endure that.  I was supposed to go Visiting Teaching tomorrow morning but will have to cancel.  Wes is working and she doesn't have any other place to take him tomorrow.  I called Ruth and she said she wold go alone this month.  Bless her heart.  She is so faithful to want to visit our sisters.

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