Thursday, April 19th, 2012

1. I went in to Amy's so she could go to the doctor today but her appointment wasn't until 1:00 so we went to Michael's Craft Store. I didn't find anything. I miss Robert's. All the stores now just carry scrapbook paper pads and very few single sheets. That means if you don't like certain papers or don't want to spend $20 you are out of luck. Hobby Lobby has some, but they are not the best papers. We then took Emerson to school. He looked so tiny going in to the school and he said he would "choose the right" and be good today.
2. We went to World Market and I got some pea snacks that are my favorite and a robot claw hand for E to play with at my house. He was pretty excited. We also went to Home Again to look for an antique table I had seen there but it was gone. Bummer.
When we got home and Wayne came to pick me up, Amy decided to go to her storage unit to take some more things over to it. Emerson, who usually never cries at all, started to cry, put his hands in the air and said " I have just had it. I am not going to any more places. I just want to be home". I think they went anyway. Why is it guys never like to shop?
3.I practiced all my songs today and downloaded the practice tapes onto my computer. It helps to sing along with them. Our choir president it so good to host a blog with all the things we need to know and do and listen to each week.
4. Chorus went well tonight. We divided up and Cory placed us where he wants us to sing for the concert. I am singing beside a couple of basses again and another soprano.
I was a little confused at his instructions tonight though. He wants us to sing with a warm tone but to use very little vibrato... however, doesn't want us to sound like junior high kids and he wants it strong and bold but not with an aria type sound. I can sing without vibrato when I have to but I think it does makes us sound a little like junior high kids. Maybe some day I'll figure it out.
5. Wayne is developing a cold and sore throat again. I told him to stay away from me and when he sleeps to turn away from me. I have had all the sickness I can handle for this year.

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