Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

1.  I didn't sleep well again last night and it's beginning to show.  I am rather lethargic
and when I try to read I really just want to fall asleep.  Why didn't I?  because my dog barks every time someone walks by my house and the neighbor kids were out in force today.  I literally cannot remember when I slept through the night.  I had the humidifier on, doubled my pillows, and had on my most comfy p.j.'s but it didn't work.  I guess I have too much chronic pain in my joints.
2.  I did end up finishing my book "The House of the Seven Gables" and am ready to ready a fluffy book again.  I try to do a serious or classic book, my scriptures and then a fluffy no brainer one.  I have a stack of magazines I need to get to reading too.
3.  Kee called and Alex is having knee surgery today.  When he was so ill last year, his body didn't get the nutrition it needed and it has affected his joints.  That poor kid just can't catch a break.
4.  Wayne and I tried a new restaurant called Cravings.  It is a "not your kid's" grilled cheese sandwiches restaurant. It is in American Fork next to and adjoining the Bella clothes boutique.  When we walked in , it didn't look very professional.  The seating is not good.  They have uncomfortable little outdoor tables with lots of kid size chairs, no drink machines and only one lady working the counter and cooking too.  We told ourselves we would probably not return again, but when the sandwiches came we changed our mind.  They were delicious.  We tried the sampler plate and got a taste of 7 different sandwiches.  It came with a dipper cup of tomato basil soup. Our favorite was the green apple/bacon/ cheddar sandwich and the next was artichoke, spinach and cheese.  They were all really good.  Wayne also got a bowl of cheddar broccoli soup.  I didn't get any soup because they both contained celery, which I am allergic to.   The prices were good and although we didn't get one they have root beer floats for $2.00 and homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for $1.00.  I am pretty sure we will go back.
5.  I still need a frame for the photo Amy gave me but cannot find one because of it's odd size.  Wayne said he would make one, but we can't find of picture frame moulding anywhere. He may have to drag out the router and fashion one that I will have to paint. 

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