Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

1.  It was the strangest day in that the phone never rang once.  That is very rare.  Not even a telemarketer or politician wanted to contact me today.  It was nice.
2.  Wayne is at work today but leaves again for Spokane tomorrow.  He won't be gone over night this time and will get home about the same time I get home from chorus practice.  I spent most of the day in my pajamas.  I love lazy days.
3.  Mike, the yard man came today and fertilized the lawn and put down pre-emergent weed killer.  It was very timely since  Wayne was about ready to do it himself.  I actually watched him this year.  He is very fast but he does get every spot on the lawn.  Fozzie didn't ever bark at him this time.
4.  We just had chimichanga from the freezer for dinner.  We get them at Costco and they are always good for one of those days when you don't know what to cook.  They are surprisingly good and the package says they are from an old family recipe.  Wayne also made his 3-berry/chipoltle dip.
5.  I read my book today with a dictionary in my lap.  Nathanial Hawthorn is a wordy, prolific writer with a huge vocabulary.  I think mine is pretty good until I read one of his books.  Sometimes I really like it and sometimes it's annoying.  I have started underlining words I don't know and looking them up.  On one page I looked up 3 words in one paragraph.   Sometimes the words are so archaic that they are not even in my dictionary.  I just think of the term  "you learn something new every day"  and continue on.

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