Sunday, March 4th, 2012

1.  It is fast and testimony meeting today.  Some fast days I almost get sick a couple of times.  I think I'm a little hypoglycemic and always have been, but i was OK today.  3 good meeting.
2.  When we got home, Amy made one of her favorite chicken recipes.  She takes chicken breasts and stuffs them with broccoli, cream cheese and bacon bits and then coats them with panko bread crumbs.  It was very good.  I made spinach salad.  It's always good but especially on Fast Sunday.
3.  Wayne called and the convention is going well.  He had meetings with the key people he has been working with and will meet them for breakfast.  He also was able to meet with some other good leads.
4.  I watched the Amazing Race.  I haven't seen it very often because we usually do family dinners on Sunday.  I still like the show and know that I could never do the things they have to do to go on to the next round.  I would get too frustrated. How fun to see different areas of the world.  I would love to travel to most of them.
5.  Wes worked a 3 day shift this time so didn't get to work on his house much lately.  He gets home in the morning and will get back at it.  They still don't have heat because of the missing air ducts.  He just has a few good days of work to get it done.  I thought Emerson would really start to miss his house and bed but so far he has been really good.

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