Friday, March 2nd 2012

1.  Wayne was ready to come home but the starter went out of his car.  Luckily, there is a little independent mechanic across the street from his office so they know him and took the car in to fix.  They were done at 6:00.  I'm so glad he wasn't on the Interstate when it happened.  The only bad thing...almost $300.00.
Wayne and I went on our date even though it was late.  We started out thinking we were going to Culver's for dinner but ended up at Chick Filet for coleslaw and chicken strips for me. 
2.  It snowed hard today, especially in our neighborhood.  We always get slammed for some reason.  Wayne said there was little snow in SLC.  I started clearing the snow on the driveway with a shovel but soon had to get the snow blower out.  We got many inches of snow and the most this whole winter. 
3.  We had to go to Walmart for Wayne's prescription renewals and then to Old Navy to exchange his sweatshirt.  No problems there.  I love that in the last 9 years since we moved here, it has gone from a swampy area to a major shopping area.  We don't need to go far for anything.
4.  Amy and E were on their own for dinner.  There is usually always something to eat around the house or in the freezer. 
5.  Amanda Larson died today.  She was 97 and my sister in law's mother.  I have known her for 40 some years and she has been a rock in the gospel and the best kind of person you can meet.  Her husband died a few months ago and she just lost the will to live too.  Good-by Amanda, you will be missed.

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