Friday, March 23rd, 2012

1.  I rode with Wayne to Moroni.  He had a business meeting that took a couple of hours but it was nice for me to just sit in the car and read.  The weather was beautiful and the breeze was so pleasant.  I may have even fallen asleep for 10 minutes.  The sounds of the grain trucks and birds prevented much of a nap though.
2.  Nick posted on facebook that he had his first track meet and did really well.  He came in first on two of his events and did well in the rest.  He is thin but very agile and sinewy and can run fast.  It will be fun watching him this year.  He is growing a lot and changing. The more muscle he builds, the faster he will go. 
3.  I watched "Who Do You Think You Are" on TV and I love that show.  Helen Hunt found out she come from some really amazing great grandparents and her great, great  grandmother was a suffragette and instrumental in women getting the vote.  She finally got to vote in her 70's before she died.  She was also a leader in the temperance movement.  I found out that it was not so much to just get rid out alcohol but because when men had no limit to alcohol they were beating theirs wives and children. Abuse was very common and she wanted it to stop.  I admire strong women like that.
4.  We stopped on the way home from Moroni to get some groceries.  We shopped at Wynco and I am amazed at how much cheaper we found the prices to be than what we usually pay.  I wish the store was closer to us.
5.  The weather is wonderful.  We saw apricot trees in bloom, daffodils in bloom, birds and bees and other blooming trees of which we didn't know the variety.  It is Spring at least for a few more days.

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