Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

1.  We had a day trip to Fairview, Ephraim, Moroni and Pleasant View.  They have a lot more snow than we have and it looked like winter there but the roads were all clear.  We toured the art museum in Fairview and were awed by some of the sculptures.
2.  We got a call from Kirby (Wayne's nephew) and he and his son will be coming to spend the week-end after his daughter's track meet.
3.  I watched American Idol.  I hadn't seen many of them yet this year.  There are some good voices but I wonder how some of them got as far as they have.  Most of the time they weren't even on tune.
4.  I gave Wayne a hair cut.  I wonder how much money we have saved over the last 42 years?  He went to the barber when I was in a wheel chair a few years ago and they didn't do that good of a job.  I know his head the best. 
5.  We got calls today from someone selling insurance (I told them we were on a do not call list, they hung up), from the cancer institute for research (I checked out the cancer institute online and they have a bad rating for their charitable giving and almost scam tactics and I told them so...they hung up) and from a political survey.  Wayne took that one and didn't answer the way they would have liked.  I really don't like those kind of phone calls and am dreading the political calls for the rest of the year.  I do appreciate having a phone though and can't imagine life without one.

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