Monday, February 13th, 2012

1.  Amy and Emerson spent the night last night.  Although she hurts a lot as the baby grows, she is not sick very often now.  She is able to do most of the things she wants to do now.  That is a blessing.
2.  We went to Broadbent's to look for fabric so Amy can find some for the new baby's quilt.  She will make it with the same pattern as Emerson's quilt but in girlie colors.  I love to go to Broadbent.  It is such an unusual store but I didn't get anything this trip.
3.  We went to Target and looked, but once again, I didn't find anything I just couldn't live without.  I have a Target gift card from Christmas but haven't used it yet.  That's a good reason to go back soon,  Emerson did have $5 to spend that his other Grandma gave him for Valentine's Day so he found a Thomas the Tank Engine movie to buy.  I did get Wayne a few items for his Valentine gift.
4.  We watched "The Bachelor" and it made us feel pretty good about ourselves.  There are  crazy women are on that show this year and they have potty mouths and one is very narcissistic.  Didn't their Mamas teach them anything about being a lady?
5.  Ruth and I went visiting teaching.  Wayne got his car fixed so he didn't need mine and so I drove.  Ruth is in pretty bad shape this month.  She was going to drive but the nerve in her leg is not working, and she is on Lyrica which makes her a little unsteady on her feet. We cut our visits a little short.  She has more appointments to see what is going on with her health.  I feel for her.

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