Tuesday, January 10th.2011

1.  The hospital called to pre-register me for surgery.  After getting all my info, she said to bring my insurance card.  My share of the hospital bill will be $5,000.  I asked what the total would be and she said almost $23,000.  What????  How can that be? It will be one day surgery, no hospital stay.  I am seriously thinking of not going through with it.  I am conflicted.  I have been praying to know what to do but don't have an answer. What do people do who have no insurance?  Can I live a while with a sore, leaky boob? 
2.  Wayne left for Denver today.  It is supposed to be nice weather the first day and not as nice on Wednesday so he had to pack a big coat.  His brother Russ lives there.  Maybe he will get to see him.  He called and said the flight was really smooth and they had a good dinner and the hotel is very nice. It makes me happy when he signs off with "I love you".
3.  Fozzie has decided that when Wayne is gone he needs to sleep in bed with me.  He sleeps on Wayne's side so it doesn't bother me.  He never does this when Wayne is home.
4.  I am continuing to clean out cupboards.  How do they get so dirty?  I had  pulled out all the pans and changed the place I store them,  cleaned out the Tupperware cupboard and put all the lids on that go with them.  I will continue to clean the kitchen one drawer per day.  that's the way I do it.
5.  I read for several hours today.  I am reading "Honolulu" on the Kindle so don't know how many pages it actually contains, but it seems pretty long. It's got some pretty disgusting stories, but I am enjoying it.

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