Thursday, January 5th, 2012

1.  Rushed to get a few things done this morning and to take down a few more decorations. I read some, cleaned a little and talked on the phone a lot.
2.  My friend Jody from Billings called and we visited for quite a while catching up on each other's lives.  Her hubby Dane will be released as bishop soon for which he will be sad.  He has been a good bishop and has loved his ward members. I know they will miss his keen sense of humor.   Ashley would like another child but has had problems before getting pregnant.  I hope she can have another one if that is her heart's desire.  All their family was home for Christmas for the first time in years and everyone had a ball.  An old friend from when our kids were little (Harold Farnsworth), passed away from a brain tumor.  It was about this time last year when another friend of ours passed away.  They were both way too young.  Jody is so good about keeping track of us all and keeping in touch.  I want to do better.
3.  I had an appointment with my doctor surgeon.  After a long wait to get in, (I got there at 2:45 and didn't get in until 4:30 and then didn't get home until 5:30) I got the news that I will have to have surgery.  Dang it!!  The opening of my breast biopsy did not heal and she says I have a chronic condition that will not go away unless she opens me up, cleans out all the diseased tissue and infection.  It may take a while to heal and depending how bad it is, she may have to leave the incisions open in case she has to go in again.  She has only seen 3 cases as bad as mine.  What a lovely distinction.  She said I didn't have cancer, staph or strep in it so that was a relief.  I guess I just have to bite the bullet and get it over with.  Better now than in the spring when I want to work in the yard.  The one problem is, it is a new year and the insurance deductions start all over.  I guess I will reach my $2,500 pretty quickly.  I am not looking forward to the anesthesia.  I always get so sick and they have a hard time getting me to wake up.  I can hear people in the room and can even feel them  tapping my cheeks and saying "wake up" but I can't.  It's like I am in a coma.  She says they will try something else than the usual. 
4.  Wayne had dinner ready when I got home.  I love his goulash made with my home canned tomato juice.
5.  We got down all the Christmas boxes so I can start filling them in earnest tomorrow

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