Wednesday, January 4th, 2010

1.  I have been a little lazy about getting this blog up to date.  My hope is to stay up on it because I don't want to forget my year. This is also my journal.
2.  The weather has been unbelievably the 50's for a week now.  I go outside in just shirt sleeves.  My dog wants to be out all the time, the neighborhood kids are playing outside, the sun is coming through the bedroom window and casting it's light on my TV making it hard to see, the furnace is not coming on as often as before and the roads are clear.  I know we need snow so I won't be too disappointed when it comes, but my how I love it right now.
3.  Julie and I went to the temple today.  I haven't been going as often as I need to so I'm grateful when I get a little push.  It was calming and lovely and afterwards we went to lunch at cafe Rio.  That salad is so good.  I can't eat it all and neither could Julie so went took half of hers to Lehi High School to give it to her daughter.  Marcy was thrilled. 
4.  I started taking down a few more Christmas decorations but just can't bring myself to take down the lights or Christmas tree yet.  I will bask in their glow for a couple more days.
5.  Kee called and all is well in Montana.  They are getting nice weather too.  Shon is scheduled to be gone for a week to a scout meeting.  He won't get to Billings in the nice weather to put on their new roof.  Alex is doing physical therapy for his hand and he has to wear a plastic brace to stretch his finger out so it will not atrophy.  Lissie wasn't feeling up to par but the boys were good.  Nobody go the flu yet.  They were exposed while they were here. So were Wayne and I, but hopefully our flu shots are working for us.

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