Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

1.  Amy and E left early so they could get to their church.  Amy has a new calling.  She is one of the counselors in the primary presidency.
2.  I didn't go to church today. I was just too tired and later in the morning I started to weep and I don't even know why.  I couldn't seem to stop for most of the day.  It may be that I am over tired, maybe the anesthesia did it or the surgery, stress being released or all the above.  By afternoon I was OK again.
3.  The girls and families came to dinner.  Wayne made me home made chicken and noodles, Amy made mashed potatoes and Colett made two lemon and one chocolate for my birthday.  I took photos with the grand kids and we just sat around and visited.  Wayne and Matt would disappear now and then to check on he Superbowl final games.  We got into a discussion of aliens and laughed as Wayne got worked up about how naive some people are to believe Aliens have anything to do with cow mutilation.  We teased him.
4.  Amy and E spent the night again because tomorrow Wes is pulling off drywall and insulation in the basement and he doesn't want them to inhale anything. E climbed in bed with us at 1 a.m. but I took him back to his bed.  He is a kicker and a horrible to have in bed. You will wake up with bruises.  He also stole Wayne's blanket.  Tee hee
5.  I finished my book and will order a new one tomorrow.

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