Monday, January 23rd, 2012

1.  Emerson is not his usual self today.  He says his back hurts, asks for food and then doesn't eat it, and was a little clingy. I hope he is not coming down with anything.  I love the clingy part though.
2.  He and Amy got a little nap.  I wanted too but as usual, I couldn't.  I  yawned all day.
3.  I had birthday cake for breakfast.  Not nutritious, but pretty tasty.
4.  I caught up on my blogs, pinterest, Cowley web site, email, bank account and googling.
5.  Julie and Doug Ahlstrom came over and brought me flowers and cookies and visited.  That was soooo nice, especially since it was snowing so much and not a really nice night to be out.  I have been amazed at how friends can perk you up and make you feel special.

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