Sunday, January 1st 2012

1.  This is my first time to write 2012 and yes, I almost wrote 2011. We hope and feel 2012 will be a good year. What will the New Year bring?  A new grand baby, Shon's family moving to Hamilton, MT, maybe a new job for Matt, getting some health issues cleared up, and making a few goals that hopefully  I can keep.  Some of which are to get check ups regularly, read scriptures and lessons each week, get my tumor medicine regulated so maybe I can lose a little weight,  get craft projects done, learn to be more service oriented, write more thanks you notes to people and a few I don't mention out loud.
2.  Wayne made his traditional scrambled eggs for breakfast.  They are so good and we have them every Sunday.  I love that he cooks for me pretty regularly.
3.  Church was at 1:00 so I got to watch all the shows I don't usually get to see in the morning.  I was glad nobody knocked on the door because I was in my p.j.'s until 12:30.
4.  Very good meetings today.  One of the songs was "Because I Have Been Given Much" and I love that song.  When I picked up the hymn book and opened it, I was on the very page.  How often does that happen?  Is it a good omen?  My cute neighbor girl and friend Lyndsie gave a talk and it was lovely and heart felt.
5.  Wayne had dinner ready when I got home from church.  The potatoes were from our garden and were so delicious.  I wish there was some way to keep them longer. I love a good baked potato.  Shrimp and steak were great.
6.  After 3 tries, my sweet Mama called.  She had put my name on the temple prayer role so I will get better and Amy's too so she will have peace and a healthy baby. They had a good Christmas and Kate had made chocolate filled crepes with berries on top.  She had never heard of crepes and really liked them.  Ned had made a ham for the holiday and Ned's kids were with them for the Christmas vacation.  She said it was very nice. I told her I bought a paper cutter with the gift card she gave me and Wayne got shoes with his.  My sister-in-law Debi is in the hospital with heart failure.  She had a pacemaker but got staph infection under it so they had to take it out.  She only has 20% of her heart working. 

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