Sunday, January 15th, 2012

1.  I didn't think I'd like church starting at 1:00 but it's OK.  I get to see the news, Mo-Tab, HGTV, read the paper and read my Sunday School and R.S. lessons before the meetings start.
2.  Funny talk from the new couple in our ward.  I love a good sense of humor.
3.  Starting the B of M again.  I love the insight of the class members when we discuss the scriptures.
4.  Colett's family was busy so we didn't get to have them for dinner.  Amy and E came..Wes was working.  We watched the Golden Globe awards but they didn't mean a lot because I have seen very few of the movies and shows that won, or didn't win for that matter.  Emerson was downstairs with us but played "Angry Birds" by giving me a ball that was supposed to be an egg.  He said I was the pig and had to hold the egg, then he covered me with pillows and jumped on me.  It probably makes a lot of sense to those who play the game but I was confused.  It was actually pretty funny.  I need to check out that game.
5.  Margaret and Jim stopped by and brought me some more Kangan water.  It is so filtered that it really tastes good, or should I say it has no taste, so I love it.  That was her Christmas present to me.  She keeps me supplied with it.

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