Tuesday, Jaunary 17, 2012

1.  It's my 61st birthday and it doesn't bother me this year at all.  Last year was traumatic.  I'm assuming that I will be fine until I turn 70 now.
2.  Wayne came home from work with king crab legs and French bread and made me dinner. We have done this for several years now.  What a great tradition.  With a little lemon butter, the meal couldn't be any better.This is the only time in the year that I get/eat crab legs.  They are too danged expensive. 
3.  Jaymie Anderson brought over chicken casserole, rice and cookies along with homemade bread and salad from Becky Struthers so we could have a good meal after my surgery tomorrow. They are good visiting teachers. She also brought me a dish towel, dish rag and wooden flower for my birthday.  Now that was really kind and sweet. 
4.  Dear Sister Doris Taggert brought me a birthday card that she had made from the Relief Society.  She is in her 80's and had a difficult time walking so I was surprised to see her at my door after climbing all my front steps.  I invited her in to visit for a while.  I get a kick out of her.  She is pretty sharp and has a keen sense of humor.  While she was here, Susan Welton came too.  Susan brought me a cute tin box with a vintage image on it, and a movable vintage looking card.  She knows my likes for vintage things and I LOVED them both.  There were also dark chocolate candies in the tin box and that is another of my great likes. What a true friend.  The timing was great too so she could give Sister Taggert a ride home.  It was too cold and far for her to have to walk al the way.
5.  I opened a card from my sister and it had a gift card for movie tickets in it.  Thank you Margaret so much.  Also, Shon and Kee gave me beautiful scrapbook papers and a perpetual calendar.  Ned and Kate sent a card and Rick texted me.  My brother Jon called and many friends and family sent birthday wishes on Facebook. I feel loved.  I feel extremely fortunate.

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