Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

1.  Today is Hanukkah which really doesn't mean  a lot to me, but I always like to know when holidays are.  A lot of people gets so ticked when someone wishes them happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas but it doesn't bother me.  There are several holidays this time of year, namely Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa so if I'm lucky enough to be wished a happy holidays I take it as a compliment.  I don't think it takes anything away from Christmas.
2.  I have been cleaning again because I had part of book club at my house tonight.  We had appetizers at Nicole's.  They were delicious.  We had bacon wrapped water chestnuts with homemade BBQ sauce, artichoke dip, buffalo wing dip and lemonade.  Then we went to Julie's for lasagna, monkey bread and salad.  It was all so good and then we headed to my house for dessert.  We had magic cookie bars, pumpkin bars, truffles, toffee and chocolate mousse cake.  I tried to take just a small amount of everything but the artichoke dip and monkey bread.  It just kept calling to me.  I will pay tonight when I try to sleep.
3.  We had a white elephant book exchange.  I got the Christmas Box Miracle which I haven't read yet.
4.  We made up our book list for next year and most had their picks ready.  I will get the list made up and then Susan K. will put it on a spread sheet for me.
5.  I love just looking at the Christmas tree and lights with the fireplace on.  It feels homey and warm.

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