Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

1.  I am still not feeling very well.....it's been 3 months now.  My biopsy has never healed and now is inflamed worse than ever.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow once again.
2.  Kee and family went shopping to try to use their G. C.'s before they have to leave.  Shon got a new RM airplane and Kee got more scrapbook supplies.  Lissie and Joey are still at Colett's.  Toby made jello sharks with his new moulds, Lissie was downstairs writing for hours on her novel,  Brenden and Lindsy came to visit and I did manage to sneak in  a little nap.
3.  Toby's friends came and got him to play so he was gone for several hours.  It was nice to keep him busy.
4.  Last night, Kee and Colett blew up balloons and made paper mache' hot air balloons.  They were not quite dry so Kee put them by the fireplace but apparently were a little too close as her balloon grew from the heat and the top exploded.  She had to take it outside to contract a little and then repair it.  I had to do a little repair on Colett's too.  Kee went to Colett's and joined Amy there to craft and finish them.  I stayed home because I was not making one and just didn't feel well enough to go.  I went to bed early.  Wayne and Shon watched sports, Lissie wrote and Toby went to Colett's with Kee.
5.  The weather in still very nice....no snow in site and if we didn't need it, I would say let it stay this way for weeks. 

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