Monday, December 26th, 2011

1.  Wayne has the day off so he and Shon went to Cabela's with the boys.  Both he and Shon got new shoes @ 50% off.
2.  Kee and I went scrapbook shopping.  There is a temporary scrapbook warehouse where Sears used to be and they had many, many bargains.  We found quite a few and Kee got to use her G.C. there.  I got my paper cutter.  Then we went on to Robert's.  They are closing Jan. 3 and the whole store is 50% off.  I got some decoupage medium, glue and a few sheets of cardstock.  I am sad they are closing.  Hobby Lobby is great but they don't have the scrapbook selection that Robert's does.  Now where will I go?  We don't have a Michael's close.
3.  We just ate whatever was around today for lunch.....leftover turkey, tuna sandwiches etc.  Everyone was in and out all day.
4.  Colett and Matt were feeling a little better and come over to open their gifts and we opened ours from them.  It was fun once again.
5.  Colett took Lissie and Joey home with her for the night and we had Kee's homemade quiche for dinner.

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