Christmas Day, December 25th, 2011

1. Wayne got up early, I got up at 7:30 and then Shon's family came upstairs right after that. The kids (even as old as they are) were still excited to open packages.
2.  We took turns opening presents so we could see what everyone got,  Since everything was wrapped, even the stocking stuffers, it took a while.  Kee had filled my stocking with fun things (some of which she had made) so it really made my Christmas more fun than ever.  We didn't open gifts from Colett or Amy.  We will wait until they get here this evening.  Wayne made biscuits and gravy with ham for breakfast and we had fruit and juice. 
3.  Santa brought me a new Schwinn bike.  It is so cute.  It has the big touring wheels and comfy seat. Amy got me a basket to go on it . I did not give Wayne any hints this years so was totally surprised with the gift.  I love it. He also got me a G.C. to target and a Michael Buble CD. 
I got him 2 shirts, a down hat, a very thin wallet, some jeans, a G.C. to Home Depot and stocking stuffers including bread dipping spices.  Colett got Wayne some wool socks and food for Wayne's world, Amy got Wayne a G.C. to Home Depot and so did Shon. Kee also made Wayne a calendar for his desk with pics of the kids for each month.  Amy got me some fun rubber rain boots and my favorite scented bar of soap besides the bike basket, and Colett got me a very cute lantern and an even cuter paper mache Santa that she made and also some grapefruit body spray.  Shon and Kee got me scrapbook supplies which I never get tired of getting (besides the 15 stocking stuffers) and Mom and Dad got us Visa G.C.'s . I bought a new chop type paper cutter with mine.  Wayne bought new shoes at Cabela's with his. 
I am writing these things down, not to sound boastful at all,  but because I was a lousy photographer this Christmas and I simply don't want to forget before I send out the thank you's.  If I don't write it down, I might forget. We also got lovely food gifts from neighbors and friends for which we were so grateful. 
4.  Colett called and said she had the flu so couldn't come over for dinner or to open presents.  She was crying and I felt so awful for her.  Matt also ended up getting it and their Christmas morning was really not a good one.  They were so sick they could hardly watch the kids open their gifts.  We will save their gifts until tomorrow and hope they are feeling better.
5.  Wayne deep fat fried a turkey, and we had mashed potatoes and gravy and corn for dinner.  We missed the Yarro's but the meal was delicious.  The turkey was tender and because the oil is so hot when you put it in, the turkey doesn't absorb the oil and it stays tender and juicy.  We opened gifts to and from Amy.  I like spreading out the opening of gifts.  It's not such a rat race and the tree doesn't look so bare all at once.  If Colett and Matt are not better tomorrow, we will leave it for yet another day until they are.  Then we all got ready and went to church.  The meeting was only an hour long and we had 2 songs that the congregation sang and a most beautiful cello number by Joe Eggeston.  I gave one of the talks and was glad it was over, but had fun studying for it.  The topic was gifts from God and it really made me feel grateful at this time of year.  I gave my talk on service to others and the joy it can bring to us. Brad Olson was the other speaker and concentrated most of his talk on the gift of work. He did a great job.

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