Saturday, December 24th, 2011

1.  We had our family party at Colett's church.  It was pot luck and everyone pitched in to make it a great brunch.  We had funeral potatoes, ham, rolls, fruit salad, fruit tray, milk and OJ, banana muffins and cinnamon rolls. 
2.  After the brunch we had a little program.  I read a letter from Dad talking about his favorite Christmas as a little boy how he got a new red wagon during the depression.
We sang our traditional Christmas song that we have been singing for 30 years, Margaret told of the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought to the new Christ child and then she sang a new original song that she had written. 
3.  We got to visit with Shawn and Val who usually go somewhere else for Christmas, Margaret's kids Jamie and family, Jason and wife, Ammon and Martie, and Hollie and family were all there.  We got to see all the little kids we hadn't seen for a while.  The guys played basketball and the women visited.
4.  Shon and Kee finished their shopping.  Nice to have the stores open late on Christmas Eve but then I helped them wrap packages which took a looooong time.  The Christmas tree could not hold any more presents because all of Colett's, Amy's and Shon's gifts were under it.  It was quite a sight to see.
5.  The kids helped wrap gifts , as did Samantha from down the street.  Brenden and Linsday were here too but left to join their family and then we all went for a ride to look at Christmas lights.  There are some really nice displays this year.  Emerson has been so excited today, but fell asleep on the lights outing.  Colett and family couldn't come as they had another family party at the Yarro's.

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