Friday, December 23rd, 2011

1.  It's getting so close to Christmas and I don't want it to come yet.  I am enjoying the days before so much.
Wayne only had to work a 1/2 day today. They had breakfast and lunch at Boondocks and the company gave us gift certificates to Mimi's and Outback.
 We did our grocery shopping and got food for the family party tomorrow and for Christmas dinner. We also picked up the rest of our stocking stuffers. We are DONE!!
2.  Shon and family are here and made it safely.  The roads were clear all the way from Montana to here.  It takes away the stress when you know they don't have to worry about slicks conditions. 
3.  Shon and Kee did most of their shopping when they got here last night, because even after a long trip they had so little time to get it done.  They got home about 11:00 and did get most of it done.  It's nice the stores are open late.
4.  The kids got to see their friends in our neighborhood.  They had made great friends last year when they lived with us for so many months when Alex was in the hospital and the year before.  We have great kids in the neighborhood.
5.  Did some wrapping of the stocking stuffers.

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