Sunday, December 18th, 2011

1.  The meetings were very good today.  It was all about Christmas and the choir sang two Christmas songs.  I had only 2 practices to sing the songs so I was not at my best the the #'s were very pretty.  Kaye does a god job directing.
2.  Chocolate toffee was passed out at Sunday school.  I had not had any for a long time and ti was delicious.  I'm thinking we need to get some for Christmas.  Costco, here we come.
3.  My first concert was tonight. The Stonegate was beautiful and the acoustics are alive.  The concert went well.  We had a full house.
4.  I am exhausted with cleaning, shopping, 3 hour practices twice a week, and not sleeping well.  I fell into bed and had a hard time watching the news.  I fell asleep early...for me around 10:30.
5.  My feet are killing me.  We have to wear heels for the concert and with my old injuries, that is really hard.  I will suck up some Ibuprofin the nest two days.

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Kaye said...

Thank you. Enjoy your family and sit! Rest those poor feeties!!!