Monday, December 19th, 2011

1.  My voice is tired but we had our second concert tonight.  It went better tonight and i was proud of our effort.  Many people said it was very good including my hubby who is not all that giving of praise.
2.  I couldn't see everyone at the concert but when it was all over there was Amy, Wes and E,  Matt, Colett and the kids,  Margaret, Jamie, Matt and the kids.  It was so nice to have their support.  I enjoyed the experience so much.  I love to sing and love Christmas music so much but it will be nice to have a little break before starting for the Spring concert.
3.  I was so hungry because I hadn't eaten since lunch and it was 9 when we left the concert hall so we stopped for a roast beef sandwich.
4,  My feet held up but I was so glad to have big clunky shoes instead of little spike heels.  The girls who wore those could hardly walk today.
5.  Only a few more days until Shon and family arrive.

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