Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

1.  Spent all day finishing up the decorating.....well almost finishing.  I put up my nativity which is my most favorite decoration.  I got it at Costco a few years ago.  They have a new one every year but mine is by far the best one I have seen.  It covers the whole top of my piano.  I put up the bubble lights which remind me of my Grandma Eyre and I love thinking of her,  She was one of the most influential people for good in my life.  I miss her.
2.  I watched "A Wonderful Life" for the umpteenth time and I love it every time.  Would it be Christmas without it?
3.  We went to the hobby store to see if we could find smoke for the electric train. We
found some that smells like Christmas. The grandsons will like that.  We have the train running around the Christmas village and I finished putting it up today too.
4.  We had to go grocery shopping and also ran to Costco to find an item that Colett needed.  Both stores were the least busy that I have seen in a long time.  What is going on?  You always have to wait at Costco... especially at Christmas but we got right in the lines at both stores.
5.  It's 9 o'clock and it feels like midnight to me.  I'm headed to bed.  I guess I'm still not as well as I hoped.  It was a good day though.

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