Friday, December 2nd, 2011

1.  I went to Colett's house today.  It was so nice to get out for fun for a change.
2.  We went Christmas shopping which I hadn't  done yet and got Isabelle and Toby done.  Colett was hitting everything just right.  We found things at TJ Maxx that she had been looking for and everywhere we went we scored.
3.  We went to lunch  at University mall and then looked around a while. There weren't too many people which surprised me a little.
4.  We went to hobby lobby and I got some glue I needed. Colett has a smart phone so it's great when she can just go to their site and bring up a 40% coupon to use at the register.
We also went to Target and got some things, to Kohl's and got some things and to Costco and Kneaders for caramel apples.   It was a great day, 
5.  Wayne and I ran out to El Pollo Loco for some grilled chicken.  I am still craving salads and theirs was  delightful as were the sweet potato fries. 

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