Friday, December 16th, 2011

1.  It's Friday and I don't want the weeks to hurry by so quickly.  I'm sure Wayne is glad.  He always says TGIF when he kisses me good-bye each Friday morning.
2.  Colett, Amy, E and I went Christmas shopping today.  You could not have a better 4 year old with you all day.  He was perfect.  It makes shopping so much easier.  He went to see the great Santa at ehe children's museum in SLC.  When Santa asked what he wanted, he still said a globe.  What 4 year old wants only a globe for Christmas?
3.  Colett started to cry after she got a phone call and we were worried that something bad had happened.  She couldn't speak for a minute but when she did, it was a good thing.  Her hubby got a $500 a month raise.  Yoo Hoo!!!!
4.  I got my shopping done for Wayne.  Now until I get it wrapped, he is not allowed in the laundry room.  He keeps asking me to go in and get cleaning supplies for him.  It makes me happy that he needs cleaning supplies. He cleaned the window and got the spots off the carpet.
5.  We all ate at Gateway and I got a replacement knob for my sideboard at Anthropology.  It was so cold walking there.  The wind was blowing and the air was moist but it was fun.  I was glad we headed off to the regular mall.  I found a couple of gifts for the girls there.

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