Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2011

1.  Spent some time going over my music and actually practiced them all.  There is one song i will never master because it is a tongue twister but I still try hard.
2.  Chorus practice is going well.  We are pretty cohesive now and my voice has cleared up.
We are having 3 hour practices though, so I hope it stays strong.
3.  Amy and E came to stay the night.  Emerson LOVES the electric train and he finished decorating my downstairs tree,  I was surprised at what a good job he did.  We had to move very few ornaments.
4.  Everybody had a different dinner.  I had eggs and bacon because I don't like to eat anything that has garlic or onions before chorus practice.
5.  Amy is having many more good days now and is not as sick.  I am so glad.

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