Thursday, November 25th, 2011

1.  I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade like I have for 50 years.  I still think it's neat when Santa shows up.
2.  I made stuffing and put it in the fridge to cook later.  It turned out well.
3.  I had pumpkin pie for breakfast.  Nobody is here to tell me I can't do that or can't cut it until dinner.
4.  Wayne and I got dressed up and went to SLC for Thanksgiving dinner.  We met up with Amy,Wes and E and headed to the Little America Hotel for dinner.  When we got there it was unbelievably busy.  One lady told us she had been standing in line for 2 hours and she was still an hour away from her turn.  There were hundreds of people in line all the way through every hallway in the hotel. Amy had called ahead and was told we didn't need reservations and there were two other restaurants to choose from.  It was the same story for those places too.  We did not want to wait that long as we were already hungry.  Amy had been to this buffet a few years ago and just walked right in.  We were all flabbergasted,  We decided to just go home.  After we had gone half way, Wes called and said they had gone to the Marriot and to join them there.  It was a beautiful brunch with crab legs, shrimp, salmon, prime rib, chicken breasts, turkey with stuffing and ham.  There was also salad, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and grilled veggies, potato salad, mashed potatoes, and desserts from cream puffs to cheese cake.  I didn't want to get too stuffed so I ate a little prime rib, lot of veggies and fruit and some cheesecake.  We also sat by a big window that overlooked the ice skating pond.  Several people were skating and I felt like I had stumbled into a Christmas card.
I left feeling good and not too full knowing that our turkey roast and stuffing would be at home tonight if we get hungry at all.
5.  I did a few Christmas crafts, read the huge paper that came today and vowed not to go to any Black Friday sales tomorrow.   I have my cold back and it's coming from deep in my chest,  I hope it's not pneumonia.

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