Friday, November 25th, 2011

1.  Day after Thanksgiving and I still can't believe how fast time flies.  The older I get the faster time goes.  it sems i was just passing out Halloween candy and now I am putting up Christmas.  Just a few things today.
2.  We had prime rib yesterday so we are having the Thanksgiving dinner tonight.  We have been eating fish, beef and peanut butter so we would be really hungry for turkey and it worked.  Wayne and I talked about how thankful we are for so many things.  We are fortunate to have a beautiful home, 2 of the three kids and grandkids near us, and are close to them and to our Billings kids, and our brothers sisters and parents, able to pay our bills and not go into debt, have running vehicles, electronics, clothing, not have to worry where our next meal is coming from, have running water, electricity and gas, have talents and abilities that give us joy and although we are having some health problems right this moment, in the long run we have good health.  We have a good neighborhood, and ward family and love for each other.  It is really a wonderful life.
3.  Wayne had to work today and was not happy to be going but it was a very slow day at work and the commute was good.
4.  I ran to Smith's, my only black Friday shopping, to get Wayne some socks.  He loves the Gold Toe brand and they had them 1/2 off for 3 hours.  It was not too busy and that's all the shopping I wanted to do today.
5.  I still have a bad cold and actually feel worse today.  My antibiotics are gone but my illness is not.  UGH!

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