Saturday, November 26th, 2011

1.  Matt and Colett picked up Ollie. We have been babysitting him for a few days.  He was very good and followed me around all day. I gathered his belongings at the last hour and he laid down by them like he was home-sick.  He was so happy to see them again.  He did pee on my carpet twice though. 
2.  Pumpkin pie for breakfast...doesn't get much better than that.
3.  Wayne spent all day in the yard putting up Christmas lights.  The house is done as well as the 3 plum trees, a white tree he made for the front, and the green pine tree.  We are looking very festive.
4.  Amy was pretty sick tonight so Wes brought her and Emerson over for the night.  E has been sick too and has coughed the night away as I have,  Maybe if they are not in the same bed they will both get some sleep.
5.  Sick and not feeling well at all.  I think I am getting bronchitis now. This has been going on for weeks now,

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