November 13, 2011

1.  We had stake conference but I stayed home because I am even sicker than I was yesterday.  I tried some hot citrus drink, and gargled.  It helped temporarily.  My throat is so sore that I can hardly swallow.  I may need to see the doctor tomorrow.
2.  Br.  Beeston called to see if I could talk next Sunday.  It would be my favorite time to talk on being thankful but I had to turn him down this one time.  I don't know when I'll be better or when Wayne will be in the hospital.  We haven't heard from them yet.
3.  Wayne has no heart pain today and made dinner......baked potatoes, shrimp and broccoli/cauliflower.  It was all so delicious.  I haven't had shrimp for quite a while.
4.  Dozed on and off today while I watched 3 sappy Christmas shows on the Oxygen and
Hallmark channels.
5.  I worked on Emerson's Christmas sock.  He will know if it's not done this year and now that Amy is expecting, I will need to start another one.

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