November 12, 2011

1.  Wayne did not get his stent in.  They decided to try using radiation on the stent that is already there and see if it can break up the scar tissue that is closing the artery.  We are set up for Monday unless the medication isn't in yet so it might be later in the week.
2.  Colett was sweet enough to drive me to the hospital and stay until Wayne got to go home.  What a blessing to have my daughters here.
3.  We stopped at  Fashion Place Mall so Colett could get some new jeans.  The new H&M and Crate and Barrel are open.  There was a 2 hour line just to get into the H&M store,  and no we did not wait.  We picked up some lunch while we were there.
4.  I am not feeling well at all.  I have a sore throat, a cold and just feel thrashed.  Stress can make you so tired.  I am grateful for Ibuprofin.  It actually worked.
5.  We stopped at Pirate O's so Colett could see it.  Wayne's heart pain is gone and he did great for the few minutes we were there.  Colett found some Christmas items and we decided we will come back when we don't have to get Wayne home and I am feeling better,

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