1. It is 11-11-11 and I awoke with Wayne telling me he was having chest pain.  He was playing with Emerson but not moving so I woke Amy up and we got him to the hospital.  They ran every test known to heart doctors and he will have an angiogram in the morning and if that does not work, he will have open heart surgery.  I am thinking positive thoughts.  I have to.  He is my everything.
2.  I am so thankful for daughters that live 1/2 an hour away from me.  Amy got us to the hospital and brought me home again to sleep.  Colett will take me in the morning and stay with me while Wayne has his procedures.
3.  The male nurse asked if I had eaten lunch and since I hadn't he brought me in a food tray and it was actually very good.
4.  Fozzie was home alone all day since early morning and did not have an accident on the floor.  The minute we got home he ran out and did his duty.  He is such a good little dog.
5.  I am so glad Mom is still around so I can call her when I need comfort.  I have the greatest Mom ever.

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