Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

1.  I usually do most of my house work on Monday but since we were gone for our anniversary, I did it all today.  How do just 2 people make so much laundry?  Now I have to Amy.
2.  Got most of my stuff ready for our Wyoming trip, cleaned out the purse, refilled my make-up bag, and cleaned the craft room.
3.. Went to Cabella's and looked at all the fish in the aquarium.  I have never seen such big trout.  I just wanted to touch them all.  If I really caught one that big, I would be petrified.
4.  Tomato salad made of cheery tomatoes, Muenster cheese, fresh basil, and seasonings.  So good. 
5.  Eating a green apple of the apple tree.  It wasn't too sour and I hope they all turn red without too many worms.

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