Saturday, July 30th, 2011

1. Wayne went golfing again with a foursome that sometimes needs subs.  They have needed subs a lot this summer and he is so happy about that.  He says he didn't play well but had fun.
2.  I didn't make the bed today.  What a rebel I am.  I sat in it and read all morning, showered, and did a mini pedicure.  It was a "me" day.
3.  Lunch at 3:00 after Wayne got home so we were both very hungry.  We went to Olive garden for shrimp capresie.  I ate  two bowls of the salad.  It just hit the spot today.
4.  It's so hot that the plants are stressed, but some of them are starting to re-bloom.  The little Dr. Seuss tree that I thought was dead (and almost pulled out) is living and growing again. The hibiscus are covered with buds and are huge this year.  It still raining every day.  Are we living in a desert?  The news says we are the driest state in the US next to Nevada. I'll continue to "slow the flow" but if I see tropical birds coming to the feeder, all bets are off.
5.  We picked a bowl of  cheery tomatoes so it is finally summer.

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