Saturday, August 20th, 2011

1.  The kids did some early swimming and then we had breakfast at the hotel.  I really like the fact that most hotels now offer free breakfasts.  I had a mini yogurt, cereal and a bagel.  The rest had waffles, fruit and pastries.
2.  We stopped in Idaho Falls and fed the geese, walked the trail by the Snake River, and took pictures.  Luckily we had some bread in the trunk.  The seagulls were very loud, combative and liked to hog all the treats but we did manage to feed some of the geese and ducks too.  Emerson just wanted a place where he could throw rocks into the water.  That is his favorite thing to do no matter where we go.  There are about a million less rocks on the banks of every water hole from Wyoming to Utah now that Emerson has been there.
3.  We found a farmer's market by the river and picked up some taste treats....a peach, lemonade, and some kettle corn.  We also wandered to the Chinese meditation gardens and sat for a while and then we were back on the road.
4.  I started to feel a tiny bit better but will be glad to be in my own bed tonight.
5.  We stopped for dinner at Brigham City at the "Grist Mill".  You fill out a sheet to have your sandwich made your own way.  I'm not usually very good at that but I had pastrami with provolone, sprouts, tomatoes, yellow peppers, lettuce and mustard  on multi-grain bread and it was really good.  It came with an oatmeal raisin cookie and drink and I still have my taste buds so ti was good.  We also bought a loaf of fresh wheat sourdough bread.  Isabelle got into our car at this point so Wes and Amy could go straight home.  I looked in the mirror and saw 3 of the prettiest ladies in the world in my back seat.  We got home at
exactly the same time that Matt got here to pick them up.

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