Friday, August 19th, 2011

1.  Shon had been in Missoula and got back in time to visit before we left to come back to Utah.  We talked about them moving and how to get the house ready to sell. Shon has a new job in Missoula but it is going to be a lot of work to get them there. Luckily he got a raise and although it seems a lateral move, it's a good resume booster. 
2.  We stopped in Bozeman and walked the downtown area.  I like how they have tried to keep the downtown as the main shopping area.  They have lots of galleries, clothing shops and eateries.  It is a tourist/college/get fit town.  Everyone walks with their dogs or rides a bike.  We saw a cockapoo that I wanted to bring home, but they weren't giving it away and Fozzie may not have approved. We stopped and got ice cream.  What is it about traveling and ice cream cones?
3.   We left Bozeman but stopped at West Yellowstone for lunch and a break.  I am getting sick now and nothing tasted good.  I only ate about 1/3 of my salad.  The kids have been amazingly good.  Amy and Wes said that Isabelle in the car with them was a blessing.  She kept Emerson entertained and they would take her again on any trip. 
3.  We stopped in the Gallatin Canyon to take pictures and wander.  It is another one of God's best works.  The smell of pine, the rivers, the flowers and the big blue sky are hard to even explain to someone that has never been there.  It's a good thing I can contemplate on these things because I feel like crap.  I am sick with more than a cold.  It has settled in my chest and I am wheezing.  I have coughed so much that my muscles in my chest hurt.  I keep coughing into a tissue or my pillow trying not to spread it around.  I need sleep and lots of it.
4.  We decided to spend the night in Rexsburg, ID.  We found a couple of suite rooms at a good discounted price because Wes is a fireman.  It had a pool for the kids.  Before we got there Millie had us laughing because she was asking her Mom questions like...If someone gave you 100 million trillion dollars would you sell me?  No.  If I cut off all your hair and put toothpaste on everything would you sell me? No.  If  I was mean etc, etc,  and Colett would always say no.  Then she said, "would Dad?"  She is still our silly Millie.
5.  The car ran like a dream and Wayne is a good driver.  I got a little nap

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