Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

1.  I was gifted many hundreds of dollars of scrapbook supplies so spent the whole day organizing and finding places for them all.
2.  My bad leg and foot have been hurting badly today so had an excuse not to do housework.  Stayed off of it.
3.  Wayne went back to work after 8 days and although it was hard for him to get back in the groove, we are thankful that he has a good and productive job.
4.  We grocery shopped so the fridge is full again.  How do you even survive without the basics of bread, milk, eggs an cheese?
\5.  The garden is growing like weeds.  Yea, we may have tomatoes by the end of the month. Father in Heaven bless my little garden.  We have put so much time, effort and money in getting it ready.

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