Thursday, July 28th, 2011

1.  National Milk Chocolate Day....I don't eat milk chocolate.  I eat semi-sweet or dark so I didn't indulge and saved a few calories.
2.  I worked on scrap booking today.  I haven't done it for a long time because I have only been making cards, but I did 4 pages today.  I need to use up some of the glorious papers I have collected.  Even if I never use them, I just go through them one by one.  They really are little works of art.  Maybe it's like cooks who love to read recipes even if they don't cook them.  Oh wait, that's me too.
3.  I do cook sometimes.  Wayne was late coming home yesterday so I grilled pork chops, made sweet potatoes and green beans.  I also picked our first batch of tomatoes but we only had about 15 little cherry ones. 
4.  Read my scriptures...I'm trying to get in a better habit of doing them daily.
5.  Got all the laundry done and folded.  You would think with just 2 people we wouldn't have that much but we seem to accumulate.  One good thing is Wayne is getting more clothes that don't have to be ironed as much and f I can grab them from the dryer, the pants are ready to hang. No, they aren't polyester, just a better soft cotton.

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