Monday, July 25th, 2011

1.  It rained in July.  The smell was wonderful and the grass is green.  It was hard for some folks to light fireworks  but we did see a few spectacular ones anyway. 
2.  "5 guys" burgers and fries.  I had forgotten how big they are.  I took off the bun and just ate the meat, but next time we will share a burger and get the small fries to split too.... it was delicious.
3.  Wayne  (with a little bit of help from me) got most of the fence painted on the west side.  He painted, I just held the rose bush away from it so he could reach it all.  Emerson also helped? a little.
4.  Visited with my Mom about Pioneer Day in Wyoming.  I miss everyone but got filled in on all the happenings.  I can also go to the hometown blog to see pictures.
5.  My brother Ned and wife Kate got their temple recommends.  They are so excited.  We are all so happy for them.

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