Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

 As I've mentioned before, Wayne and I love to try new foods, new restaurants and new outside the box food ideas.  Here are some, along with my favorite food things.

1.  Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream day. I didn't have any chocolate but did have a cup of vanilla bean with semi-sweet  chocolate chips  and peanuts on top.  Does that count?
2.  Wayne had grilled corn with a chipolte sauce on it  and we need to try making that. It was at El Pollo Loco. I like finding new ideas for common foods.
3.  I tried a soft drink of half diet lemonade, half sprite, a shot of Shasta strawberry and a twist of real lemon.  It was delicious.
4.  If you splurge on french fries, try the ones at Tangie's cafe in American Fork.  They are fresh cut and really, really good.  We had some a couple of months ago and I think of them often.
5.  Britta filtered water and crushed ice with a True Lime packet in it.

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