Monday, June 6th, 2011

1.  Amy went to the doctor and got some antibiotics.  After 3 years, we think she can take them now.  She was not able to take any after she had C-Dif .  Her throat is feeling a little better.
2.  Finished my book.  I wasn't sure when I started reading if I would like it but it was good.
3.  Wayne mowed and cleaned up around the yard with E right on his heels.  It is looking so pretty this time of year.
4.  Chicken rice casserole, salad made with fresh lettuce from Tricia's garden and carrot sticks. Later, a little chocolate ice cream with pecans.
5.  I had a lot of old bananas, so  Emerson and I made banana bread. He helped do everything so I told him I would bake them and when he awakened from his nap he could have one.  He woke up and ran right to the counter and held out his hand.

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